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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!


DAILY DOWNLOAD: Pussycat Dolls - Hush Hush (Remix)

I think the remix will work well on radio. Of course, we'll see if PCD ends up like Danity Kane. If you remember, this is one of the two songs that Melody indirectly referred to with her "I'm not featured" comments. Nicole is "featured" on this along with "Jai Ho". 

EXCLUSIVE: V Factory w/ Ralphie!

Download the mp3

V Factory stops by The Ralphie Radio Show to chat about the group's new music video for "Love Struck" - Twitter - and birthday celebrations.

Plus, the group allowed Ralphie an exclusive sneak peak to the video...

V Factory just finished the video, and is set to release it as soon as this weekend. Of course, quite the interesting predicament on set - as Scott Speer directed the piece. Speer currently dates Ashley Tisdale, who recently broke up with V Factory's Jared Murillo. In the interview, Murillo insists that he and Speer were friends well before this incident, and that only the addition of Tisdale on set would've made the situation awkward.

The group is continuing on a promo tour as "Love Struck" climbs the charts. V Factory's debut LP is set for a late summer/fall release.

"Love Struck" will also be heard in the upcoming
Transformers 2 movie.

RALPHIE REPORT: Anti-Chris Brown Song, Britney's "Circus"

If a group by the name of Jump Smokers didn’t do it, you know someone else would have released an anti-Chris Brown song. But, the Chicago-based duo is gaining world-notoriety for the track, “My Flow So Tight (Anti-Breezy)”.

“My flow so tight and the beat so sick, Chris Brown should get his ass kicked,” raps Jump Smokers front man C.W. Grizz on the hook.

The lead emcee called in to The Ralphie Radio Show last week to discuss the origin of the song and the response it’s received.

“It started out kinda as a joke,” revealed Grizz. “We wanted to make a song that legitimately would be poppin’ here in Chicago at the clubs.”

Jump Smokers first received airplay from a DJ in the Windy City, who spun the song on a live-to-air broadcast from a nightclub. Immediately, the radio station request lines lit up with listeners inquiring about the source of the track. Suddenly, night clubs and radio stations from coast to coast began playing the record, and news outlets from MTV to The New York Times covered the story of the song.

“Once I saw the pictures of Rihanna on TMZ.com… for me, I had it,” explained Grizz. “I kinda got fed up with a lot of celebrities not speaking out against him.”

Kanye West can be counted among the artists who didn’t speak against Brown – matter of fact – he even spoke in support of him. At a TV taping shortly after the pre-Grammy night incident, West asked a crowd to give the young R&B crooner a break. Other public figures – such as Oprah, Tyra Banks, and Perez Hilton – spoke out against the alleged abuse.

In an attempt not to gain any direct monetary success from the situation, Grizz noted that the group is donating proceeds of the song sales to charities that benefit women. However, this road proved rocky when a couple of non-for-profits were reluctant to accept the funds. Some were afraid that the song sent the wrong message to people – answering domestic violence with more abuse.

“I think (the charities) are taking it a little too seriously,” Grizz said in defense of his track. “We’re not threatening Chris Brown in this song. Hopefully the song makes you dance, laugh, and then think.”

At least two of the three reactions occurred over the weekend, when I spun the track inside Reflex at The Wilkes-Barre Hardware Bar Entertainment Complex. A couple club goers stopped and shot a perplexed look toward the DJ booth, while others “oohed” and most continued to dance.

And for those wondering, yes, Rihanna did hear the track. A DJ at a birthday party for Los Angeles Clipper Baron Davis spun the song with the Bajan-beauty present. No word on her reaction.


Poor Britney Spears. If it isn’t Kevin Federline showing up backstage, it’s the Pussycat Dolls verbally clawing at each other on stage. If it isn’t a smoke-filled venue, it’s a fan jumping from the venue’s seating on stage.

Orlando, Florida resident Kyle King, 20, faces a single breach of peace charge for walking on stage during Spears’ encore performance of “Womanizer” at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. He could face jail time.
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EXCLUSIVE: V-Factory previews "Love Struck" Video exclusively on The RRS!

V Factory swung through the studio... you can hear the interview tomorrow on The Ralphie Radio Show - but meanwhile - check out an exclusive preview of the music video for their soon-to-be hit single, "Love Struck."

Scott Speer directed the video. Yes, he's currently dating V Factory member Jared Murillo's ex-girlfriend, Ashley Tisdale. But did that make things awkward on set? Find out tomorrow when I ask Jared - plus the guys chat about shopping, celebrating birthdays, and landing their song in Transformers 2!

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Lady GaGa - Lovegame

05.04.09 : Lady GaGa - Lovegame

This track is set as the third single off of GaGa's debut LP, The Fame. The track falls in line with "Just Dance" and "Poker Face" - although slower in tempo, the song is just as upbeat, and lyrically similar with its sexual overtones and brutally honest dialogue.

Similar to its predecessors, I'm sure "Lovegame" will have the women dancing - sans or with disco sticks - in no time.

RALPHIE REWIND: New Guilty Pleasure

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My new guilty pleasure? The Justin Timberlake-produced reality game show "The Phone" on MTV. I've watched it the past two Sunday evenings, and although I'm usually not a fan of MTV "reality" shows - the various dynamics of this program intrigue me. Of course, the fast-paced nature of the show lends to the excitement, but I also think the team work/trust aspect of the show adds to it - along with the final challenge for the eventual winner - keep the $50,000, or split it with your teammate?

The Phone at MTV
The show's trailer:

ATTY. ELIZABETH KELLEY: Britney Fan Incident Blown Out of Proportion

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Attorney Elizabeth Kelley thinks the prosecution of a Britney Spears fan who jumped on stage during an encore at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut is a waste of taxpayers' money. 20 year-old Kyle King alledgedly drank a little too much and hopped on stage during Britney's encore, as she performed, "Womanizer." Kelley explains that King could face jail time - but that his non-violent act does not warrent the use of resources such as a judge or public defender.

Video of the incident is below, about half-way through the video. Spears is clearly startled by her impromptu face-to-face confrontation with the fan.

Read more about the story here.
Visit Elizabeth Kelley's website.
BELOW: A mugshot taken by Mohegan Sun security of 20 year-old Kyle King.


Poker Face Face-Off!

Two contestants - one grand prize with tickets to see Lady GaGa at her sold out show inside The TLA in Philadelphia and backstage passes to meet GaGa. But who would hold their Pokerface the longest? Find out!

All thanks to Interscope/Geffen/A&M Records & The Ralphie Radio Show on 97 BHT!


DAILY DOWNLOAD: Fall Out Boy f. Lil Wayne - America's Suitehearts

04.29.09 : Fall Out Boy f. Lil' Wayne - America's Suitehearts (Remix)

FOB's Pete Wentz actually tipped me off as to the existance of this remix. A quick Google search yielded the MP3. Certainly a healthy debate could occur as to if this trumps the original off of Folie A Deux, but any collab between the princes of pop-emo and Weezy F. Baby deserves atleast one radio spin, right?

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Jump Smokers - My Flow So Tight (Anti-Breezy)

05.01.09 : Jump Smokers - My Flow So Tight (Anti-Breezy)
Jump Smokers' front-man C.W. Grizz on The Ralphie Radio Show:
How the anti-Chris Brown song came about:

Trying to donate to charties, Rihanna's reaction:

Grizz insists during the conversation that in no way does the song advocate abuse, yet some charities are reluctant to accept proceeds of download sales from the group. The Jump Smokers lead emcee also confirms during the interview that Rihanna did in fact hear the song at a L.A. party - however he is unaware what her response to the song was.

He cites the TMZ photo of a beaten and bruised RiRi as the lead inspiration for the song. The Jump Smokers hail from Chicago.

TMZ'S LESLIE HARRIS: Hugh Jackman, Huge Heart.

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Hugh Jackman wanted to show his appreciation for fans who slept out overnight in anticipation of the Wolverine movie world premiere. TMZ's Leslie Harris calls The RRS to talk about what he did and how much it cost him.

Catch Leslie on TMZ TV - Weekdays at 6 on Channel 38 - The CW.

The movie also features Black Eyed Peas frontman/renaissance man will.i.am.


Is it possible to be too good of a Wingman? Well, if anyone would know... plus, a special guest checks in this week...

Initial Wingman Response:

Reaction #1, from Taylor Gildersleeve - who will be appearing in The Wingman's TV Pilot!:

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Download the mp3

Psychologist to the stars Dr. Michael Silverman talks about NYC's reaction and mental state after the Swine Flu breakout. He authored the book, "Unleash Your Dreams".

During the conversation, Dr. Silverman draws a parallel between the fear of swine flu and living in a post-9/11 world. The psychologist doesn’t believe that the disease is as wide-spread and rampant as the media reports, but cautions that such a situation could happen, it just hasn’t occurred yet.