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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!



So excited about this!!!

Join The Ting Tings live in the 97 BHT studios with Ralphie on Friday, June 5 for food, fun, and a special acoustic performance!

Keep it locked right here for the 411 on how to win your way in!

Powered by Columbia Records & 97 BHT!


97 BHT & SLP Concerts Present Summer Jam 2009 - Saturday June 6, 2009 - F.M. Kirby Center, Wilkes-Barre - Starring The Veronicas - With Ticket Prices As Low As $9.71!

Also featuring: Lesley Roy, Safetysuit, Jada, Lovesick Radio, Carney, and The Pretty Reckless (featuring Gossip Girl's Taylor Momsen) - with DJ Woogie in the mix all night long!

97 BHT'S "SUMMER JAM 2009"

Tickets are also on-sale at The F.M. Kirby Box Office, all Ticketmaster outlets, or charge by phone 1-800-745-3000

EXCLUSIVE: Doug Brown of SafetySuit

Download the mp3

The lead singer of SafetySuit called up to chat about the band's song, "Stay" and the group's set at 97 BHT's Summer Jam 2009!

Click here for Summer Jam details...

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Tina Parol - Who's Got Your Money?

05.19.09 : Tina Parol - Who's Got Your Money?

Ralphie & Tina speak... in the back of a rental car...

About the BMI Award she won (GaGa won it the year before), plus working with Britney Spears

Check out the video here.

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Ida Maria - I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked

05.14.09 : Ida Maria - I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked
Ida calls in to The Ralphie Radio Show from Norway!
On the song:

Career goals, her LP, touring & traveling in the States:

By now, you might have read about or seen Ida Maria (pronounced EEE-DA). The 24 year-old grew up in a town of about 2,000 in Norway. Now, she’s signed to a major record label, touring the globe, and playing every festival and late night show under the sun.

Maria called up The Ralphie Radio Show last Thursday to chat about her success, her CD, and her new song that is catching everyone’s attention, “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked.”

“I think there’s too few songs that really talk about the male body and how beautiful it is, so I took the responsibility on my shoulders,” touted Maria, half in jest… I think.

The singer/songwriter did joke that she lost count of the number of men she’s seen naked “a long time ago.” Maria says her CD, “Fortress Round My Heart,” is filled with fun, simple songs. Another track on the LP, “Oh My God,” is featured on this season’s Gossip Girl promos. But even with the network cameos and festival performance, the Norwegian artist only admits to one career goal.

“My goal is to see Iggy Pop in his underpants,” revealed Maria – striking a dead serious tone. “If I do, I’m gonna retire after that.”


Download the mp3

DMX is a free man, for the time being. TMZ's Leslie Harris talks about his latest incarceration on The Ralphie Radio Show.

Catch Leslie on TMZ TV - Weekdays at 6 on Channel 38 - The CW.

From TMZ:

DMX was released from the Maricopa County Jail in Arizona this morning -- and, surprisingly enough, he hasn't been arrested for anything yet. Emphasis on "yet."

X was sprung from his home away from home at around 4 AM after serving 90 days in jail -- the minimum sentence for pleading guilty to the following: cruelty to animals, possession of narcotic drugs, theft and possession of marijuana."

WINGMAN WEDNESDAY: Hierarchy of Bar Help

The Wingman breaks helps Dustin attempt to pick up a worker at a bar... plus, a special guest checks in...

Initial Wingman Story:

Reaction #1:

Louis Vanaria from "A Bronx Tale" calls up:

Visit The Wingman on MySpace.

EXCLUSIVE: Jess from The Veronicas...

Jess of The Veronicas calls up The Ralphie Radio Show to chat about 90210, the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in The World list, "Take Me On The Floor", and headlining 97 BHT's "Summer Jam 2009".

Part 1: "90210", Summer Jam, Drunk Dialing/Texting

Part 2: "Take Me On The Floor", FHM 100 Sexiest Women

More about Summer Jam here.

FHM calls her one of the most sexiest women in the world. In her home country of Australia, the singer's personal life creates as many headlines as the music she makes with her twin sister, Lisa. And you don't have to travel any further than the duo's latest single to pick up on the bisexual tendacies. 

Jess Origliasso comprises one half of the power-pop group The Veronicas. The Australian-imports will headline 97 BHT's Summer Jam 2009 on June 6 - coincidentally enough, my 24th birthday.

"You're a younger man than me!" Jess exclaimed after I informed her how old I'd be turning. Of course, Origliasso isn't that much my elder - her birthday is on December 25, 1984. I immediately rebuffed that our age difference is not notable.

"You can prove me wrong when we see you babe," the singer responded - as I immediately began to wonder if Jess flirted with all radio DJs like this.

Anyways, what is notable is The Veronicas current run in America - they haven't gained this much attention in the states since Lisa dated Ryan Cabrera. "Untouched", the first single from Hook Me Up, gained a solid amount of radio airplay across the nation, and suddenly the group became relevant again, sans the rumored relationships.

Now the sisters are touring the country and popping up on television, with a recent cameo on The CW's 90210.

"We were doing a show in Ohio, and they had the TV's on while we were on stage," Jess said. "(The cameo) came on as we were on stage." 

Speaking of female-friendly TV shows, The Veronicas currently have The Pretty Reckless opening up for them. TPR, also on the Summer Jam bill, is fronted by Gossip Girl's Taylor Momsen.

"She's a really cool chick," Jess commented on Momsen. "We're always giving support and power to women in music."

But the ladies tour and support the fellas too - most recently The White Tie Affair. When I spoke with lead singer Chris Wallace a few weeks ago, the Chicago-native insisted I bring up his name during the interview.

"We drunk text each other all the time," revealed Origliasso. "We have lovely drunk text conversations."

Jess didn't elaborate, although if you listened or read about my interview with TWTA, I could only imagine what those messages entailed. 

I suppose all of the aforementioned comes with the territory when you and your sister are named the second most beautiful women in the world by FHM. If you're wondering, the ladies lost out on the top spot to actress Megan Fox.

"She's pretty sexy," said Origliasso of The Transformers star. I immediately responded that it sounded as if she had a crush on Fox. "She's gorgeous, who wouldn't?"

Yup, let the rumors begin.


EXCLUSIVE: Daughtry Criticizes Idol Favortism Toward Adam Lambert

In a pre-taped interview that will air tonight on "The Ralphie Radio Show", Chris Daughtry seemed baffled at the amount of media attention and bias directed toward American Idol contestant Adam Lambert.

"I thought it was pretty incredible that all of the sudden, Adam is on the cover of a magazine. That people are wearing his name... it seems a little weird to me, because I know how strict it was when I was on the show," Daughtry, who is a fan of Idol finalist Kris Allen, said. "(Favortism) was definitely frowned upon, and now, I don't know."

A question regarding Katy Perry's outright support of Lambert, with Adam's name embroidered on her cape, elicited the comment. TMZ reported Idol producers edited out this detail when the performance posted to iTunes and the Internet.

The American Idol Season 5 alum concurred with my assessment that the media already anointed Lambert this year's winner. Although I admitted to Chris that my coverage of "Idol" is limited, I feel as if the media is covering Lambert as if it is assumed that he already won.

"It's kind of like Adam has already been crowned the winner, and everybody's just kind of going along with that," I commented to Chris.

"That's exactly the way it feels to me too," Daughtry responded. "But yunno, it is what it is, and good luck to both of them."

Listen to the audio here.

The interview, in its entirety, will be posted later tonight.