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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!


jack black's not-so-kind idea.

apparently jack black's new film, "be kind, rewind" is stole from nickelodeon's "the amanda show"

dunno, judge for yourself...

the return of carmela soprano

edie falco is teaming up with showtime for a new comedy... will you watch?

paramore no more?

"Hey guys,
As most of you already know, we have cancelled the rest of our UK/Europe RIOT Tour. First of all, we want to say we are so sorry for letting all of you down. We feel terrible about it and really didn’t expect for this to happen. It probably doesn’t sound like much but we just hate that we won’t get to play this show for those of you who had hoped to see it.

There are a lot of internal issues that have been going on in this band for quite a while now. A lot of it started right around the time we were gearing up for the RIOT Tour in the US. We were able to fight through all of it for this long but unfortunately we weren’t able to keep it together long enough to make it through ’til the end of this tour. We really feel that taking this time is going to give us a chance to get away and work out our personal issues at home and on our own terms. We just aren’t willing to risk the life of our band over one tour. That probably sounds terrible right now, to say that finishing a week of shows wasn’t worth it… but if we can use this next month wisely then we will be a lot healthier for the tours ahead. We hope that - even though it might be hard to understand - that you guys can support us at this time.

Maybe one day we will tell the whole story but for now, just know that all five of us are going to work so hard to get it right. You deserve that and we deserve to make this last as long as possible - and to enjoy every second of it. We love you guys so much. If you could pray for us or just keep us in your thoughts it would be really helpful. You guys have gotten us so far and been the best motivators since day one. We are so sorry for the trouble we caused you guys who bought tickets, fan club members and to all the promoters and venues that we won’t be there to put on a show for. We are extremely sorry to New Found Glory and all their fans who wanted to put on and see a show and who we’ve let down. And lastly, to Lost Alone.

We will keep you guys updated.
Love,Hayley, Jeremy, Josh, Zac and Taylor"
their cd is sooooo good too - like 11 tracks of misery business with varying tempos. ugh.

eye-gazing - the new dating trend...

would you try this?


prince charles must be seeing double.

the prince not-so-gracefully checks out the royal endowment of a one scarlett johanson.

ellen makes x-tina feel awkward...

do you think aguilera caught ellen staring at her new twins during the interview?

stop it! starbucks "skinny" drinks are amazing.

i usually roll with the grande "skinny" vanilla latte. apparently some women who probably should switch to the skinny brand are offended.
click here to read.

paula abdul's new music video...


are you ready for the hills - bonus cantos?

here's the promo...


no posts yesterday because when i signed on to my computer at work, someone at our company decided it was a swell idea to block "blogger.com" from employee access.


i'll throw a couple posts up just in case i have the same problems today, although i've already informed the powers that be of my uneasiness regarding the situation.

stay tuned.


naked cowboy makes $300 per hour...

and is suing mars for a breezy $6.5 mil. wow.

did amy unknowingly help hubby get high in jail?

last week news broke of blake fielder-civil suffering from a heroin overdose in prison. it poses the question - how does one go about obtaining illegal drugs while incarcerated?

for starters, a famous wife helps.

apparently, blake swapped signed winehouse photos with his fellow inmates in exchange for the goods. read more about the alleged transactions here.

la lohan, in la flesh.

i'm not sure if this helps or hinders her case for hotness. click here for the madness. parental discretion advised.

five reasons to call in sick...

according to fox news...

"1. If you have a fever of any kind especially over 100.6 — this is generally cause for concern.
2. If you're coughing a lot and producing phlegm with the cough. Also, pay attention to the color of the phlegm. If it's dark yellow, green or brown — it could be signs of a bronchial or lung infection.
3. If you're suffering from achy joints and you have the chills.
4. If you have a fever and settings of a rash. This often signals a very highly contagious infection such a chickenpox.
5. Any signs of infection after a recent trip outside the country should also warrant a trip to the doctor."

furthermore, the article states that working through a sickness can actually be counterproductive, and cost your company more in the long run.

why you SHOULDN'T propose in public...

i don't know who has the best reaction...
- the announcers.
- the guy.
- the girl.
- the mascot.
- tracy mcgrady.

your thoughts?

kanye/rihanna coming to SCRANTON!

check kanye's dates here. and then, request off/clear your calendar.

this will be the tour of the summer to roll through this area.