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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!


t-love visits nepa...

and i still can't believe we ran into friggen kei igawa...

click here for the facebook photo album.

10 most popular vending machine snacks...

as per american merchandiser...

1. Snickers
2. Doritos Big Grab
3. Peanut M&Ms
4. Cheetos
5. Cheez-It Original
6. Twix
7. Strawberry frosted Pop Tarts
8. Rice Krispies Treat
9. Lay’s Chips
10. Mrs. Freshley’s Jumbo Honey Bun

i've eaten atleast half from a machine... how about you?

mccain on ellen...

interesting conversation on gay marriage...

click here to watch, because i still cannot properly embed the redlasso.


answer to the age old question...

why do clever women fall for second-rate women?

whether you'd hate to admit it or not, the above picture from satc is a perfect example. the possible explanation is here.

idol producers pulling for david...

of course, cook. according to msnbc, producers still fear for archuletta's overbearing father.

pete & ashlee - first photo.

whose hair is straighter, and how are you putting your dog, (no matter how beloved hemmingway is) in to this photo?

can't say that i'm surprised though. click here for more from people.

steven tyler in rehab...

tmz reports the aerosmith front man checked in today to the same site where vh1's celebrity rehab with dr. drew is taped. i suppose my fellow paisan (real last name: tallarico) was a little too j-j-jaded.

want a picture with john mayer?

it'll cost you a ten-spot. (and the woman actually paid!)


diddy on the glow in the dark tour...

couldn't have said it better...

pictures from the glow in the dark tour!

i still can't get over this picture...

click here to see many more taken at the show, both in front of and behind the stage.

i am jealous of john mayer...

not because he can sing and play guitar. not because of his known conquests with jennifer anniston and jessica simpson, or his other conquests not known. certaintly not because he kissed perez hilton.

but because of this.

click here to read john's blog on the new blackberry bold. i'm going to crawl in to a corner and weep.

jesse mccartney enters the doll house.

here's our favorite "one life to live" alum with danity kane's aubrey o'day.
rumor is that aubrey is a big fan of "the plastic surgery."

maybe she's was at jesse's crib when he phoned me up a few weeks ago?

fergie on the today show...

sorry meredith, i could've done this intro without any cards :)

rihanna & ralphie...

sitting in a tree? more like a dressing room.

Download the mp3

97 BHT's Ralphie Aversa interviewed Rihanna a mere minutes before she took the stage inside Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain for "The Glow In The Dark Tour" - as they chatted about "Take a Bow" - A Listers - & KFC. Listen to the audio or watch video highlights of the interview below!


this week's ralphie report: kanye, rihanna, lupe, & chris brown.

Overall, “The Glow In The Dark” tour did not disappoint. Lupe Fiasco played the “opening act” role well. The first Chicago-born rapper to take the stage rocked skateboarding-inspired hits like “I Gotcha” and “Kick Push”, while also moving to the Grammy-award winning “Daydreamin’” and radio-friendly “Superstar”.

The hook on the latter song is sung by Matthew Santos. Fiasco and I chatted for a hot second backstage. Lupe shrugged off the lack of recognition Santos received on Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor, where he made a cameo on “American Terrorist.”

“Man, its whack. You know how it goes,” an annoyed Lupe told me before ducking in to his dressing room, which neighbored Rihanna’s.

Pharrell brought the crowd an early dose of ego with N.E.R.D. I laughed during the singer/producer’s quick disclaimer that he wouldn’t swear – yet still performing songs like “Lap Dance” and the band’s latest single – “Everyone Nose” (take an educated guess as to the subject). Of course, a surprise cameo on stage by Chris Brown also energized the set.

Short of performing two big songs, Rihanna killed it. Anyone that watched her perform previous to this tour cannot deny that RiRi blossomed into a force to be reckoned with – a performance that showcased her vocal abilities while adding theatrics to the experience.

But the Barbados-born songstress won me over before she took the stage. I sat down with an engaging and warm Rihanna in her dressing room a mere fifteen minutes before she took the stage. While her puppy “Oliver” scurried about, we chatted about everything from the success of her latest song to her recent impromptu-photo-op at KFC in Miami.

“Take a Bow” set an American record last week for the largest jump in seven days to number one, climbing from 53 to the top.

Even Rihanna admits that she’s told a few guys to take a bow.

“I’m sure every female has gone through that,” RiRi said. “Whether it’s a guy approaching you in a club in the most arrogant and aggressive way, and you just have to be like, ‘Please!’”

The “Umbrella” diva and I laughed when I presented my gift to her, a pair of glasses complete with a fake nose and mustache. After all, you never know when you might be in a fast food joint with a certain someone and you want to stay incognito from the paparazzi, right?

None of the 97 BHT staff could fathom why Rihanna did not perform her latest hit along with “Shut Up and Drive.” After a quick 35 minute set, the singer dashed back to her bus en route to the next stop – Montreal.

The 20 year-old left with 19 year-old Brown in tow. I ran in to Chris backstage. After snapping a photo with the R&B crooner, I informed him that BHT plays his current single – “Forever”. I also assured him that I did not bring up his name once during my interview with his boo (a mandate from Island Def Jam), to which he responded with a “good lookin’ man.”

I suppose those photos that emerged last week of the two singers smooching would’ve solicited a “bad look” – however I decided to save the awkwardness and not inquire.

wow, where to start?

so i've been everywhere in the past couple days... from montage mountain to little italy, yankee stadium to pnc field.

many pictures and stories will follow, from last night's amazing performance on the mountain by kanye to the many trials and tribulations cousin tony and i encountered.

somewhere in all of the mess we also found time to sneak in a trip to mohegan sun, but i think i'll spare the blogosphere of that tale.

hang tight!