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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!


madonna - like a virgin music video

in honor of the big 4-9. let's take you back to 1984.

kanye west - stronger music video

lovin' it!

happy birthday!

madonna turns 49 today... damn she looks good for 49.

how will e feel about this?

and of course by e, i mean eric murphy, vincent chase's manager/best friend on entourage, played by kevin connolly.

in real life, kevin dated nicky hilton, but the pair are no more.

now adrian grenier, who plays vinny chase, has been spotted on more than one occasion with nicky's older sister - paris. the two arrived together to a movie premiere last week and an art showcase last night.

and of course, tmz spotted the pair surfing together not too long ago.

i guess life could imitate art, with vinny and e already disagreeing on the show.

relatable celebs.

i'm a big fan of doing like the celebs do (or the celebs doing like we do).

over on the tmzeezy, nicole richie is seen playing throughout manhattan - working out, eating out, and walking about. meanwhile baby daddy joel madden is on the opposite side of the city that never sleeps. the good charlotte emcee grabs some of the starbucks for the gf and himself.

downtown manhattan on a sunny summer day, head to toe in black, with a hot starbucks drink? wow.

(btw - current starbucks preference - grande iced coffee, no-fat, two splenda).

joel's band opened up for justin timberlake at the world's most famous arena later that night.
meanwhile on the west coast - nicole's former simple life co-star enjoys some fine late-night dining.

paris hilton, sister nicky, and their entire entourage took over an international house of pancakes after a night of clubbing, according to tmz.

at least skinny, ex-con celebutants enjoy drunk food just like the rest of us. (exhale).

not as bad as you'd think.

when heidi montag and fiance spencer pratt, stars of the hills, visited ryan seacrest on his morning show in los angeles, the back stabbers of lauren mentioned that heidi was in studio working on music with a couple well-known producers.

well, the label released one of the finished tracks to seacrest, who played it on his show this morning.

i'll throw the hook on-air during tonight's show, but listen to the entire segment with the full song by clicking here.

turns out heidi heard the broadcast in LA - and was not happy. apparently the track wasn't supposed to hit radio afterall... whoops.

whaddya think though? i agree with ryan, spencer needs to be dropped. this song could the next hotness... lovin' the vibe.


mayer orders a dish of diaz - to go.

i liked the sound of moore and mayer. but apparently they're just friends. because according to us weekly, john is waiting on the world to change with cameron diaz along his side.

how bout cameron diaz? girl is all over the place. two musicians and a surfboarder in under a year.

can you say - pro-hoe?

anyways, congrats to this new couple, as the gap model falls into cameron's.

i know, wrong.

lance uses more hairspray

lance bass is slowly but surely becoming a mainstay with the broadway-hit hairspray.

the former n'sync-er stopped and signed autographs in front of tmz cameras for a huge crowd armed with playbills after last night's performance.

bass performed twice with the cast last week.

mayer and moore - sittin' in a tree...

look who got snapped together...

yup - that's john mayer and mandy moore. is johnny taking a walk to remember so he'll forget jessica?

atleast his new gf can sing AND act... kinda.

la lohan is la spotted.

lindsay lohan is in utah - and leave it up to tmz to obtain photos.

(image used from tmz)
lohan is currently in a morman rehab facility working on a lil thing called sobriety. while in town lohan hit up a tanning salon and a mini-mall.

me and lindsay have so much in common! minus the dui and coke issues...

the reeeemix.

mandy moore covers... umbrella?

does brit's door swing open both ways?

found on perez - the latest cover of OK! magazine...



i am a diehard yankees fan, and while in studio last night, throughly enjoyed watching derek jeter squeak out a game-winning hit for the my bronx bombers.

but apparently, clutch-hits isn't the only thing the yankee captain distributes.

(l to r: minillo, jeter, biel)

according to laragmag.com - derek jeter gave jessica alba herpes.

(alba: this month's cosmo cover girl)
still undecided on who i feel bad for.

anywho - jeter is known as "serial celebrity dater." mariah carey, vanessa minillo, jessica biel, maybe now gabrielle union.

and i'm sure that is just scratching the surface.

but think of the ramifactions. justin timberlake and nick lachey - you may be infected too.

could you imagine - derek jeter goes from endorsing nike and ford to valtrex?

awkward celeb shots.

who knew?

not pink.

the lady who may or may not be on her way to tonight's number one song on gallery of sound's top 8@8 might have a cheating hubby on her hands.

pink is eloped to motocross superstah carey hart. in case you forgot, she proposed to him.

anywho, an eyewitness tells star magazine that hart recently got his freak on at a hollywood nightclub, making out in public and everything.

sorry pink, looks like your hubby leaves with more than his hand when your away.

when the incident allegedly happened, pink was on tour in europe.

not looking too stronger.

did kanye jump out of an atari?

click here for the video to stronger.

amy finally says yes, yes, yes to rehab.

rehab singer amy winehouse is finally in rehab - for real - according to the mirror in the uk.

here's some of the article...

"Amy Winehouse and husband Blake Fielder-Civil agreed to go into drugs rehab after seeing their dads nearly come to blows, friends said last night.

Amy was in tears after the row during a showdown with their families over their heroin and cocaine addiction.

A source close to the family told the Mirror: "It broke Amy's heart to see her parents and in-laws fighting.

"That was the point when she realised all the drink and drugs were causing huge problems for everybody."

The party-loving couple flew to the US for intensive counselling and detox treatment after also seeing a leading Harley Street doctor recommended by former wild child Kelly Osbourne.

Jazz diva Amy's drink and drug problems came to a head on Wednesday when she collapsed following a three-day bender with 25-year-old Blake.

Amy, 23, was taken to hospital in the early hours after taking a cocktail of heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, the horse tranquilliser ketamine and booze.

Later that day, she and Blake checked into a suite at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hook, Hampshire.

But on Friday night they were caught by her best friend Juliette Ashby smoking heroin in their £3,000-a-night hotel suite.

Amy's taxi driver dad Mitch "flipped" when he heard - and next day they were joined by worried Mitch, wife Janis, Blake's stepfather Giles Fielder-Civil and mother Georgette.

During the row, Mitch grabbed Giles by the throat and "threatened to rip his head off" .

The source said: "It was only when Amy saw her family falling apart that she realised she had to do something.

"She confessed that she and Blake had drug problems and had to have treatment together."

Mitch is also said to have demanded that Blake be fitted with an implant to curb his drug-taking.

Blake refused but agreed to join Amy on a drug counselling and treatment programme.

The source went on: "They both admitted taking cocaine and heroin. But they denied they had been injecting heroin.

"At one point, both Amy and Blake stripped off in front of Georgette to prove they had not been using needles.""

lindsay not so maxim.

lindsay lohan graces september's maxim magazine. the new shots for this month look horrendous, especially compared to pictures on the site from previous shoots.

click here to check out everything.


nickelback - rockstar music video

favorite video as of now. just click play!

whitney - the comeback.

maybe britney has hope...

whitney houston makes a surprise cameo at a conference in nashville. this just a week after tmz snapped her with ex-hubby bobby brown.

look at her go!

nicole looks healthy

richie and her bf/baby's daddy joel madden stroll through nyc. nicole is with joel on good charlotte's tour - and even accompanied him to gc's acoustic performance here in wilkes-barre a few weeks ago.

my peas!

bep reunites at a press conference in south korea. the group will perform in seoul on wednesday.

will.i.am also vehemently denies that the group "sold out" when fergie was brought aboard back in 03.

"You think I would have called the CIA terrorists (as he did in Where Is The Love?) right around the time America went to Iraq if I was trying to make a record to get played on the radio?" says lead emcee william adams.

good point.

the weekend in pictures.

happy monday.

below find pictures from my weekend road trip to stamford, ct - the city that works. trip purpose: chill with the gf. also a few shots from today's appearance at the wachovia arena for the last day of the auto exchange.

all road trip shots were taken while on the road. i know, novel idea.