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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!


so more about the joe bros...

okay mom or dad, parent or guardian:

these are second row seats to the only show your child wants to attend this summer. out of respect for the tens of thousands of little tweens in the area, i am not simply asking for caller 20.

instead, you're going to have to know the first verse and chorus of the jonas brothers current smash, "when you look me in the eyes."

be listening in between 7 & 9 pm.


tmz idol scoop!

Download the mp3

TMZ's Michael Hundgen called in to The Ralphie Radio Show with exclusive news on Idol Reject David Hernandez asking fellow Idol loser Justin Guarini for advice!

Catch Hundgen on TMZ on TV - weekdays at 6:30 on Channel 38 The CW.

Jonas Brothers - 2nd row tix!!!

Blogging from my car in Edwardsville...

Second row seats tonight for Jonas Brothers. 7-10p.

Must be 18 y/o or older to win.

Parents/guardians - know the words to When You Look Me In The Eyes.



tonight's ralphie radio show...

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okay, and...
7p - lifehouse tickets
8p - gallery of sound top 8 @ 8 : tmz's michael hundgen : aaand
- find out when you can win second row JOE BROS tickets!
9p - more lifehouse tickets

plus guest list for tonight at the woods, rumors on a hills movie, and details on brit's next public appearance...

- wanna see inside club bht at the new colosseum night club?

- missed my interview with fergie?

the ralphie radio show - 7p-12a est - online @ 97bht.com

uh oh - britney to attend kids choice awards...

clearly she isn't ready for the red carpet yet.

apparently, the orange rug will have to suffice.
ok! magazine reports that britney's "insiders" have confirmed that negotiations are under way.

brit's little sister, jaime lynn, appeared at last year's ceremonies, to much fanfare.

good idea or bad idea?

a hills movie? no way.

good 'ole lauren conrad slyly mentioned to her network's movie blog that in fact, a hills movie might be in the works.

it has atleast been discussed.

this on the heels that monday's episode was the highest rated program on cable tv, and mtv had served up over 2 million streams of it as of yesterday.

tips for the movie:
- no spencer.
- no creepy french guys.
- cast me.

that's all.

fergie ferg audio!!!

Fergie calls in to The Ralphie Radio Show to talk about an array of topics, including her upcoming performance at Penn State's Gridiron Bash!

- Part 1 : Discussing Gridiron Bash, mutual friends, & ring tones.
- Part 2 : Talking about ESU parties, BEP, Presidential Picks, & pregnancy rumors.

97 BHT is giving away tickets to Fergie's performance at Penn State, and qualifying you to meet her! Click here for more info...


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yuuuuuuuge ralphie radio show tonight...

- 7p - tickets to see lifehouse at the university of scranton this saturday.
- 8p - gallery of sound top 8 at 8 - more lifehouse tickets!
- 9p - fergie! is she pregnant? do we have mutual friends? find out toward the end of the hour!
- 10p - where does penn state rank on "the 50 best colleges ranked by looks"?

plus - find out the definition of our new word - barsexual

tonight on the ralphie radio show - 7p-12a est - online at 97bht.com

new word! -barsexual-

i nearly lol'd when i read this. what is a barsexual you might ask?

find out here.

how attractive is penn state?

so popcrunch.com recently released the 50 best colleges ranked by looks. you can read up on how they got the rankings. but i'm sure you're asking yourself - did any nepa institutions rank?

penn state reppin' at number 37 - the only college from the keystone state to make the list. as you could imagine, most colleges were in warmer, sunnier climates.
click here to read up.


this just in - fergie tomorrow!!!

fergie ferg will be on the ralphie radio show tomorrow night!!!
clearly, we will have to ask her about this...

chace slowly opening the closet door...

so apparently chace crawford and country crooner carrie underwood have called things off.

i dunno chace, things are looking awfully suspicious...

now truth-be-told, just because you pose for a picture with j.c. chasez, doesn't mean your gay...

just sayin'.

no more heidi montag?

hold your excitement. "no more" is the title of heidi's latest single - aka her sorry attempt at a music career.

almost as sorry as her attempt at acting. ooooh!

of course, montag strategically released the single to coincide with the fallout of last night's hills premiere. rumor has it that the track is referring to her d-bag companion spencer pratt.

anyways, click here and time out how long you can actually stand to listen to this.

britney spears - great success.

cbs's how i met your mother clocked it's best ratings ever last night. by golly, britney spears may not be the trainwreck she once was.

spears celebrated last night at an italian restaurant with her bodyguard. no alcohol, hotel rooms, or sam lutfi included.

the hills premiere...

did you tune in to the hills last night? if not, don't read the rest of this post, and watch it on-line here...

so really, what did you think? were you as surprised as my gf and i that they were only in paris for a week? finally, we're seeing lauren and whitney break away from teen vogue, but we can clearly understand why they have such awful reputations at the magazine... if he could have, the editor might have fired them while in paris... french guys = creepy... and dirty looking.
holy voiceover when whitney called the boutque to get lauren a new gown. and the guy just hands over a new one? the hills is so reality.

i really wish it ended with heidi dumping spencer, and the montag's beating pratt senseless.

one can dream.

been a minute...

so i took yesterday (monday) off. i drove back early sunday morning to niagara falls, after our first saturday night inside colosseum night club (which btw, went amazing).

i spent easter with my dad. we ate at fortuna's, an amazing italian restaurant in the falls. after digesting, we followed dinner up with a few drinks at wine bar on third.

monday was spent with my girlfriend. we drove to rochester, where i appeared in court for a speeding ticket. i pled guilty to a lesser charge, although personally, i thought i had a chance to be let off all together. still, i caught a break.

after driving back down i-90, ang and i grabbed burgers at shorty's, a new sports bar in niagara falls that is owned by a good friend of mine. coincidentally, it's also the same location where governor eliot spitzer made the last infamous call to the emporer's v.i.p. club as "client 9."

only in the falls.

nice to spend a couple days back in the birthplace, although i won't front, i wish i could've stayed longer. not that i miss western new york that much, or hate nepa, but i won't have a chance to return home until july. not complaining, just sayin'.

back on the grind here tonight... i'm giving away the ultimate lifehouse fan package. pair of tickets, meet and greet passes, and a signed guitar. that'll be on the docket for just past 9.

a lunch hour boob job?

it sounds a little too good to be true - a breast augmentation that can be completed in less than an hour, no surgery or recovery time required. dr. manny from fox weighs in here...

botox the boobs... would you do it?