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DAILY DOWNLOAD: Jump Smokers - My Flow So Tight (Anti-Breezy)

05.01.09 : Jump Smokers - My Flow So Tight (Anti-Breezy)
Jump Smokers' front-man C.W. Grizz on The Ralphie Radio Show:
How the anti-Chris Brown song came about:

Trying to donate to charties, Rihanna's reaction:

Grizz insists during the conversation that in no way does the song advocate abuse, yet some charities are reluctant to accept proceeds of download sales from the group. The Jump Smokers lead emcee also confirms during the interview that Rihanna did in fact hear the song at a L.A. party - however he is unaware what her response to the song was.

He cites the TMZ photo of a beaten and bruised RiRi as the lead inspiration for the song. The Jump Smokers hail from Chicago.

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