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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!


britney & paris - the better days...

before the std's, bipolar disorders, dui's, and life mishaps.
click here to see more.

if this doesn't warm your heart...

happy valentine's day!

jane fonda - 70-year old potty mouth.

the once spouse of billionaire ted turner dropped the c word on national tv today like nuffin.

meredith viera's reaction - priceless.

happy valentine's day!

did you know that 2.2 billion, with a b, text messages will be sent today?

have you signed up for bht txt?

did you also know that according to a recent poll in cosmo, 51% of guys would freak if their girl did something "extravagent" for them today?

adnan ghalib - complete hypocrite

gotta love the part of this video where the former paparazzo tells the photogs, "its a surprise the extreme you have to go to to make a buck these days."

what's more "extreme" - stalking someone with a camera for a living, or stalking someone with a camera to try and date them and make money?


kanye west - flashing lights

kanye debuted this at a grammy afterparty over the weekend... one word - hotness.

me or justin timberlake - who rocked it better?

for the record, boots by a one steve madden. call me tonight - 877.971.wbht and lemme know.

heidi montag - top selling artist.

it's true - her new single made the top 10 itunes pop charts.

although according to u.s. weekly, she cried herself to sleep the day the video hit the Internets.

valentine's day ish...

62% of women do this within the first minute of meeting a guy... makeout! holy oral herpes batman!
okay, maybe this incident is isolated to new york city, but apparently a new york tv station's report yielded valentine's day candy from last year.

it gets worse.

the candy in question was inedible, and one brand even produced...

well, you can find out for yourself by clicking here...

tmz audio : barron hilton takes a cue from sister paris.

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TMZ's Michael Hundgen called in to "The Ralphie Radio Show" with late-breaking details surrounding the DUI arrest of 18-year old Barron Hilton, Paris's little brother.

Hundgen can be seen on TMZ on TV - weekdays at 6:30 on Channel 38 - The CW.


tonight on the ralphie radio show...

- 7:15 - tmz's michael hundgen with the latest on barron hilton's DUI.
- 7:45 - the new mariah carey song!
- 8:00 - the gallery of sound top 8 at 8 - and your chance to win onerepublic tickets!
- 9:30 - a chance at $60k with the pa lottery!
- 10:00 - do you tuesday - what do you want for vday?

the ralphie radio show - 7p-12a est - live at 97bht.com

rihanna's grammy night - non stop like the music.

from the new york daily news...

"Rihanna got into a fender-bender outside Universal's party, where another driver rammed her vehicle. The scrape didn't stop the Grammy winner from heading to Entertainment Weekly's party for Island/Def Jam chief L.A. Reid. As soon as she walked in, Rihanna made a beeline for Chris Brown, the boyfriend she's been trying to keep under wraps. "They were touching and whispering in each other's ears," says our spy. "Then Jay-Z and Beyonce walked in. Jay was saying hello to everybody except them. Rihanna seemed upset. She walked over to his table and looked like she was reading him the riot act. A few minutes later, she and Chris left together in her car." Jay and Rihanna have both denied rumors of a past fling, and he and Beyonce did invite Rihanna to an intimate dinner they threw Thursday."

maybe jay didn't approach rihanna over this?

ten great, cheap ways to win her heart.

yes, even with a down economy, a low budget, and a lack of imagination - you my friend, yes, YOU, can impress that loved one in your life on thursday.

furthermore, you won't have to spend the $120 average on valentine's day.

click here for ten ideas that'll make you look like a genius.

celine dion's thumb fetish...

yet, my mom and sister will still love her. watch the insaneness below.

ashlee lip-syncson?

you're probably thinking, "wait, again? didn't she learn her lesson last time?"

well, apparently not.

click here to watch the alleged offense.

seriously, wwpd? (what would pete do?)


timbaland roid rage?

not too long ago, a slew of celebrities were named in a ongoing investigation into the distribution of steroids throughout the country. 50 cent, wyclef, timbaland, and mary j. blige were all mentioned in the latest report.

last night, timbaland did nothing to help bolster his image. the producer hosted a grammy party for people magazine, but the night ended with a thud resonating stronger than any of timbaland's beats. the virginia-native lashed out in a profanity-laced rant due to security at the club not letting in some of his friends.

read the entire article here, which also includes notable celebrities who were in attendance, including a barefoot and underage miley cirus dancing in front of the stage.

too late to apologize?

brand new panic at the disco.

the vegas-based emo group dropped the exclamation point and stepped up the catchy-dance melodies.

panic returns with a cross-country trek on the honda civic tour this spring. it stops in philly this may.

"nine in the afternoon" is the first single from their sophomore effort, due out in april.

the mp3 is up to 21 spins in my itunes. i just snagged it last night.

the video premiered last night on mtv.com, and is available for your viewing-pleasure below.

lupe fiasco in bad health?

really surprised NO ONE is talking about this. click here to read the article...

fiasco won best urban/alternative performance at last night's grammy's for daydreamin', a collab with jill scott off his first cd.

the ralphie report - grammy edition.

catch this in the weekender on wednesday...

On Sunday night, Amy Winehouse reaffirmed her position as an artist that can perform, inspire, and revolutionize what we know as contemporary music. The British singer won 5 of the 6 Grammy awards the Academy nominated her for, including Record of the Year and Song of the Year for the track that may define Wino’s career – Rehab.

Due to problems with renewing her Visa, as well as the ongoing rehab stint, Winehouse performed and accepted one of the five awards via satellite in London’s Riverside Studios.

Here on WYOU, we watched the Amy Winehouse that America fell in love with over the summer. The Amy Winehouse with swagger and confidence. The one that appeared to scoff at you while belting out the memorable, authentic, “No, No, No!” when they asked her to go to rehab.

The intervention of her father, Mitch, led her to a different response when they proposed another stint in rehab last month, just after video surfaced of the bee-hived singer as a blond, smoking what appeared to be a crack pipe.

“I’m useless to you anyway now, I just took about six valium,” slurred Winehouse in the grainy footage.

With a Grammy debut that ended with five pieces of hardware and one brilliant performance, it’s doubtful that people will regard Winehouse in such a dreadful light for the time being.

Now the blogs and vlogs have new material – like her reaction on live TV to winning Record of the Year. Overcome with shock, Winehouse embraced band members and her parents, thanking them while also offering up her second shout-out of the night to locked-up husband Blake Fielder-Civil .

“For my Blake incarcerated, and for London! This is for London!” Winehouse emotionally proclaimed.

This success may be for her home city, but by all means, you can’t deny the British vocalist’s All-American comeback story.


- Prior to the show’s start, Kanye West already coroneted himself a Grammy winner. Yet, for the third time, the Album of the Year Grammy escaped him, awarded to jazz musician Herbie Hancock.

Despite this, West still stole and extended the spotlight. While accepting his Grammy for Best Rap Album, producers began to play the “wrap-up” music right before the Chicago-rapper entered into a tribute to his mother. West politely asked the Academy to kill the music, and they obliged.

Kanye also paid homage to his late mother, Dr. Donda West, earlier in the night with his performance of Hey Mama. West won four Grammys.

- Vince Gill earned himself a little street-cred Sunday night. After receiving the Best Country Album Grammy from Beatle-legend Ringo Starr, Gill offered up the following on stage:

“I just got an award given to me by a Beatle,” gleamed Gill. “Have you had that happen yet Kanye?”

West smiled it off. After all, no egos would be injured in the production of this awards show.

- Reading’s Taylor Swift appeared in her first Grammy’s, presenting an award and losing Best New Artist to Winehouse.

one of the best grammy performances...

amy winehouse kills it!

fergie really can spell...

her london bridge may be falling, but her spelling game isn't failing.