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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!


New Cobra Starship/Leighton Meester Video

Check out Cobra Starship teaming up with Gossip Girl Leighton Meester in the new music video for "Good Girls Go Bad."

The Engagement Ring Kevin Jonas Co-Designed

If you don't live under a rock then there's a good chance you already heard about Kevin Jonas popping the question to his girlfriend of two years, Danielle Deleasa. But did you see the rock?!
Not bad. Jonas helped design the 3-carat solitaire cushion-cut diamond, surrounded by 210 round brilliant-cut pave diamonds with Jacob & Co., aka Jacob the jeweler. Jacob is a jeweler- to-the-stars and has done engagement rings for celebs such as Mariah Carey.


Kevin Jonas Engaged

It's official. The oldest Jonas Brother, Kevin Jonas, 22, got down on one knee and popped the question to girlfriend Danielle Deleasa,21. Jonas reportedly took an overnight flight from Vancouver, where the group was performing, and made it to Deleasa's New Jersey doorstep this morning, Wednesday July 1, 2009.

Here's the statement the Jonas parents posted on the band's MySpace:
Our hearts are filled with joy today and we are happy to share with you that our son Kevin has asked Danielle Deleasa for her hand in marriage. Her answer was yes and it is such a blessing that she will be joining our family. Kevin and Danielle have not yet set a date. Family is very dear to us and we hope we have raised Kevin to be a wonderful man and husband. Please join us in our families celebration and in congratulating Kevin and Danielle. Thank you for all of your support. 

EXCLUSIVE: Quite A Mandy; Mandy Moore Does It All

Mandy Moore is quite the renaissance woman. From music to movies, commercials to cartoons, she can be seen or heard in everything from The Simpsons to motion picture films. So, when someone approaches Moore, what do they recognize her from?

“A lot of times, people will come up and say hi because of that TV show, Entourage,” said Moore. “And before that, it was that show Punk’d. That was sort of my claim to fame for a couple of years.”

Probably the only place Moore isn’t recognized from yet is sitting ringside at UFC fights. Yup, Moore is quite the mixed martial arts fan, although don’t expect to add “UFC Fighter” to her laundry list of titles.

“I’m a fan, I love to observe from the sidelines,” she revealed, adding that you won’t see her in the Octagon anytime soon.

Moore called up The Ralphie Radio Show because she’s returned to her roots: writing and recording. The singer just released Amanda Leigh, her first LP without a major label.
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Part 1: What people recognize her from, UFC, Twitter

Part 2: Amanda Leigh, "I Could Break Your Heart"

“With this record, I guess it’s all about taking control and growing more comfortable in your own skin,” Moore said of the writing experience – she penned the entire record herself, without the input of label bigwigs and head honchos. “It’s nice to have the luxury of creative freedom now.”

The first single, “I Could Break Your Heart Any Day Of The Week” showcases a sassier side to Moore that fans of her previous releases may not be accustomed to.

“I figured it was a fun opportunity to sort of, I don’t know, play out a little bit of this edge that I guess is really missing from my reality. It’s not a proclamation I could make in real life,” she admitted.

That isn’t too hard to believe, considering the only heart we’ve known Moore to break is that of the fictional Vincent Chase. But what makes the song more of a departure is that its singer is anything but single at the moment: Moore married country star Ryan Adams a few months ago. The Walk to Remember actress insists he’s a fan of the track.

“I’m very lucky, I have a very supportive spouse in my life,” she said. “He really liked it.”

Adams proposed to Moore last February, the couple exchanged vows about a month later. Moore described her marriage to NY Magazine as “lovely.” It seems she feels the same way now… the husband and wife even follow each on Twitter, Adams is only one of two people that Moore tracks (the other is record producer Jamie Candiloro). Although she is known to keep to herself and not open up on personal issues, Moore does “tweet” quite a bit. She even taught me about blood oranges – yes, I didn’t know about them, stop rolling your eyes.

“I’m kind of juice obsessed in the morning, and I found some fresh blood orange juice. I don’t know, I thought that’d be an appropriate twitter,” she said, after explaining that blood oranges are darker and more tart than the regular variety.

Music, movies, television, voice overs… and now produce expert. Mandy Moore really can do it all.


06.25.09 : T.I. - All Night

T.I. samples the Vanessa Carlton track, " A Thousand Miles." 

TMZ'S LESLIE HARRIS: Michael Jackson, 1958-2009

At 5:20 PM on Thursday June 25, 2009, TMZ first reported the news that Michael Jackson passed away following a cardiac arrest suffered earlier that afternoon. Approximately 20 minutes later, The Ralphie Radio Show broke the news throughout Northeastern PA.

Catch Leslie on TMZ TV - Weekdays at 6 on Channel 38 - The CW.
Report: 06.30.09 (Custody, Also on Death of Billy Mays)

Report: 06.26.09

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THE SKINNY: Vintage w/ Tinted Windows

Download the mp3

In Jessie's first edition of "The Skinny" on The Ralphie Radio Show, she gives you the 411 on the "vintage" look - and also chats with Tinted Windows about the style.


Download the mp3

National TV Contributor and Family Attorney Janell Weinstein breaks down the legal aspects of the various different scenarios that could play out over the custody of the 3 kids Michael Jackson leaves behind.

Visit Ms. Weinstein on the web here.