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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!


let's get ready to stumble!!! parade day!!!

where we'll be tomorrow...

- Party with Ralphie Aversa from 11 AM-4 PM inside Molly Braningans! Brought to you by Monster Energy, Northeast Eagle Distributors, & Canada Dry Scranton.

- A.J. In The Afternoon & Marino will be walking in the Scranton St. Patrick's Day Parade - make sure to say hello!

- Marino will be live from the brand new Colosseum Night Club - 120 Adams Ave - next to The Hilton in downtown Scranton, from 4-6 PM!

- A.J. In The Afternoon will broadcast Club BHT live inside Wilkes-Barre's Hardware Bar from 10 PM-12 AM!

- Ralphie Aversa will be celebrating inside the brand new Colosseum Night Club - 120 Adams Ave - next to The Hilton in downtown Scranton, from 9-11 PM!


britney's new video for break the ice?


top 10 worst foods to eat while driving...

1- Coffee
2- Hot Soup
3- Tacos
4- Chili
5- Juicy Hamburgers
6- Barbecued Food
7- Fried Chicken
8- Jelly & Cream filled doughnuts
9- Soft Drinks
10- Chocolate

okay, so what's your story behind one of these?



i just finish making a stupid joke about their choice of abstinence and the latest study that one in four teenage girls have an STD.

and my phone rings.

my sources reveal exclusively to yours truly that the jonas brothers will be taking the stage at montage mountain, sometime at the end of the summer.

remember, you read it here first!

carson supports st. patty's cause...

okay my fellow nepians, maybe our quest to have st. patrick's day observed as a national holiday will come to fruition afterall...

carson daly lent his support to the cause, brought forth by the draught of guiness. the talk show personality hosted a rally for the proposition today.


btw - who's pumped for saturday?!

teenage girls get around.

according to a new study by the cdc, one in four teenage girls carries the STD card. yuck.

no wonder the jonas brothers are abstaining from sex until marriage.

chelsea's coming to wilkes-barre.

the clinton's are blanketing all of the keystone state, northeast pa included. the former first daughter will be a mere blocks from my apartment tomorrow (later today, wednesday), hosting a q&a with wilkes university students in their student center at 10:15a.
chelsea visited her mother's new campaign headquarters in downtown scranton, followed by a meal at farley's yesterday. (photo: scranton times)


chad kroeger... TMI

apparently when he was 14, the nickelback lead singer performed a sexual act on himself to score a case of beer.

read about it here.

gene simmons... the bald truth!

you've heard about his sex tape... but now gene simmons is coming clean in the flesh... in a different way.
yes, that is kiss lead singer gene simmons. driving the car. without his wig.
maybe we have a chance to see bret michaels bald?

justin gets high on madonna...

or something else for that matter. seems he looked a little out of it last night, as he inducted madge into the rock 'n roll hall of fame.

vh1's best week ever with more.

spitzer no longer resides on "honesty road"

below is a campaign commercial eliot spitzer ran when running for governor in new york.

isn't it ironic... dontcha think?

reporter hates anchor. and vice (a)versa.

gotta scroll to the end... i can't believe they allow these two to work in the country's largest media market...

lauren conrad on ellen...

ellen asks all the tough questions, including if the hills is real, and what she thinks of heidi (NOTE: if clip isn't working, click here to watch)...

obama supporter booted from clinton rally...

video of senator clinton's appearance...

hillary clinton in scranton - photos...

view the rest by clicking here.

so last weekend we went to harrisburg...

this trip primarily involved checking out the hardware bar, which of course is opening this thursday in downtown wilkes-barre. ron, who ranks in the top three when it comes to genuine, nice bar owners that i've met, owns two others in the harrisburg area.

of course, we also had our own hotel rooms. a.j., marino, myself, and danny waters. each with our own.

that alone = a cause for celebration.
okay, fine. we'll break out the cheap champagne.

wyclef for ballers. wycliff for radio dj's.
anywho, there are so many other pictures, videos, voice mails and stories. none of which are appropriate for this blog.
needless to say, we had ourselves a little fun in the Keystone State's capital.

so i went to syracuse two weekends ago...

every year, a number of radio geeks decend upon the SU hill for the annual wjpz alumni banquet. it's an all around great time - you catch up with old friends, network, catch an orange basketball game, and drink.

yes, and you drink... did i mention drink?

seriously though, this year would be my fifth banquet, and the one looked forward to since sophomore year, as this is the first time i would attend banquet as both a z89 and su alum. my second through fourth banquets were filled with a minimal amount of awkwardness because i had only completed one year of Z, with hot 107-9 stealing me away at the beginning of my second year at syracuse.

in addition, this would be the first alumni event that a date would accompany me for - of course, my girlfriend angela.

the day started on a down note. ang and i were slow to arrive at the carrier dome for the orange's noon-time start against pitt. and then, well we all know how that ended.

but things started to improve before i even left the dome. i ran into my uber-mentor, dr. wright, as well as good friend, popular newhouse alum, and espn broadcaster sean mcdonough.

after a quick walk back to the sheraton, the gf hit the sheets to catch up on shuteye. i met up with my friend julie from atlantic records and her friend ty, and walked over to the z89 studios, located in the comfortable confines of watson hall.

i thought i had it good as a freshman... these kids have the most high-tech equipment out there. the z89 studios are much more advanced than the bht world headquarters, from the digital boards and software to the three sony video cameras, complete with remote controls and an lcd monitoring board.

just sounds sick, right?

after hopping on the air for literally, a hot second, julie and i walked over to chuck's, where i was greeted with a number of familiar employee faces, a number of fellow disappointed orange fans, and thankfully, a number of draft beers available via pitchers.

of course, i can't forget former college roommate sam, now living in washington d-sizzle. seriously, this story would be way cooler without that game that just happened an hour ago.

after a three-hour frosted beverage marathon, with a halftime appearance by the notorious hawaiian ryan, we headed back to the sheraton. afterall, i did have a 7pm alumni banquet to attend.

more drinking, catching up with friends, awful food... i mean, GREAT food.... a little more drinking... a right-on-key keynote address from z alum and new york sports talk show host craig carton (despite his blatent diss of buffalo women, while i sat there with my girlfriend).

don't say i didn't take full advantage of the fact that i had returned to my old stomping grounds, with no where to drive and a hotel room.

okay, the rest of the night entailed a trip to senior-bar faegans, a return to chuck's, and a final stop, via limo, to an afterparty that had more or less emptied out. so, let's just fast forward to 11a on sunday, when i woke up, sans the hangover.

ang and i met patrice (now a sophomore, responsible for those msnbc segments) downstairs at rachel's for brunch. of course, i'd be remiss if i traveled to central new york and didn't visit with my aunt and cousins in liverpool. finally, almost everything we set out for accomplished, we hit the road.

as you may or may not be able to tell, i enjoyed my trip back to syracuse. i carried more good than bad memories away from the three-one-five after four years on the grind there. when you invest so much - monetarily, physically, emotionally - in one place, it's hard to forget and easy to look back and reminisce on the times that were.

that is of course, those times that you can remember.

holy crazy 24 hours hillary clinton!

well let me tell you - i've learned so much about presidential elections, how our country works, the media, and northeast pa in the past day.

and technically, my day is far from over.

i'll proceed to update the blog with some missing photos/stories from the past two weekends, spent in syracuse and harrisburg respectively. then, i'll flood you with a copious amount of content from yesterday's rally inside scranton high school with senator and presidential hopeful hillary clinton.

hang tight.


Anticipation building...

Senator Hillary Clinton is five minutes away from her scheduled start time.

Music just cut.

People are just now being allowed to sit in the upper balcony of the gymnasium here at Scranton High. A number of political dignitaries continue to make their way to reserved floor seats.

This SHS chorus group is pretty tight. They've been singing non stop for almost an hour now.

I know Sen. Obama's strength is young people, but there sure is a nice mix of young and old here. Of course, skewed older, but nonetheless.

With a Clinton interview highly unlikely, I'll be targeting Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty. Stay tuned...

Hillary in NEPA

These posts will be quick, as this entire experience is eye-opening to the point where I don't want to miss anything.

Sen. Hillary Clinton is in Northeast PA. The media contingent alone is impressive. Over 12 live trucks, from all the major networks and surrounding areas : Philly, Lancaster, Syracuse...

Looking like no media time with Sen. Clinton. Apparently her camp doesn't want to infiltrate the news cycle currently created by New York State Governor Eliot Spitzer (Google his name for the dirty details).

Press contingent is growing larger. Her bus has arrived. Almost go time here in the gymnasium of Scranton High School.