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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!


so much going on this weekend...

here's where you'll find me:
tonight (friday):

friday night lights - hanover @ gar

club bht - inside evolution at the woodlands!

tomorrow (saturday):

on-air - 2-7p

club bht - live from ragz in dallas (memorial highway)

see you out and about!


rainy thursday.

is it just me, or does it always rain on thursday?

i really don't mind the rain though, especially at this time of year. it's practically mid-october. the leaves are turning. wal-mart is selling pumpkins. high school football is in full swing. and the yankees have capped off a disappointing season.

yup, looks like fall is here. goodbye sunshine. hello gloom.

to a certain extent, the rain is soothing. lazy days that don't require a trip outside lend themselves to a little drizzle. and after weeks and weeks of intense heat, a little wetness isn't too disappointing.

but of course, little is the key word. no one wants rain all week or month - or for that matter, any extended period of time. but every now and then, heck, why not?

the interesting thing about percipitaiton is, very few, if any, will admit to liking rain. sunshine is the norm - the mainstream, the widely accepted. what, you actually like it when it rains? you must be depressed. clearly, there's something wrong with you.

actually, i'm perfectly fine thanks. i just like a little variety in my weather forecast.

use that arguement. because as widely accepted as sunshine is, it's hard to argue against variety.


she's arrived, ya'll.

tmz reporting that britney spears is in court right now, asking a judge for 50/50 custody of her children. this coming after she passed a number of drug tests and received a california driver's license.

once court breaks, michael hundgen will join us for the latest, exclusively on 97 bht.


and here comes a special press release from britney's label...

so i receive this in an e-mail this morning...


New York, NY…Jive Records announced today that the label is moving up the release date of Britney Spears’ latest release Blackout to October 30th.

Recently, songs from Britney’s Spears’ forthcoming album, along with unfinished material and demos represented as completed legitimate songs, were leaked on-line. A label spokesperson stated, "due to these numerous unauthorized on-line leaks, the label is doing everything possible to prevent and avoid any further illegal distribution of songs including moving up the release date of the album to

October 30th."

okay, thanks.

how to be a stripper...

aka - britney spears's video for "gimme more"


wait, this is a job?

you wouldn't know by the way we act in the studio...


monday on bht!

i-nine. the first station in the country to play their song - 97 bht.

hear them thank us and perform the song live in studio monday on the ralphie radio show.

the interview you can't miss

on the peas.
on the new solo cd.
on kanye.
on perez hilton.
on america.

the interview - tonight in the 9pm hour.

moving pictures under the lights...

what happened when "crank that" came on the radio as the top song in nepa, while i broadcasted live from the scranton/w.scranton game?


more pictures from the weekend...

as you'll discover when you tune in tonight - i have no voice. why? three live appearances, two air shifts, and one big sunday night in the bronx (mixed with a lot of caffeine/strain on the vocal cords)...

club bht at ragz week one!

club bht returned to saturday nights with 97 bht's first appearance at ragz in dallas, right on memorial highway. realy classy place, great music, clutch specials (no cover, dollar drafts, three-dollar bombs, dollar shooters) - and a lot of people getting their crunk on. check it out...

week two under the lights...

mucho gracias to scranton and west scranton. i did not get a chance to walk over to the glider and grub on a roast beef sandwich, but nonetheless i had a fun time taking in the rivalry that is the battle of the bell!