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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!



just want to say thanks for a record-setting week of visits here to the blog - as well as the over 16,000 views i've amassed on my youtube channel. you're the best!

here are a few of the videos i've uploaded since coming to nepa...


as perez would say...

"fug" - describes rihanna's butch-looking face right here. marino and the umbrella-singer pose at last night's penn state concert.

another bht exclusive...

you'd think after all the unlawful encounters had throughout 2007, akon would attempt to steer others from his path of trouble.

well, you can smack that thought away. check out this footage our very own marino shot last night during akon's performance at penn state. and of course, you gotta appreciate akon using this speech as his lead-in to his alledged "apology" song - "Sorry, Blame It On Me."

another big exclusive on the way...

diva on a pennsylvania campus... doesn't relinquish dog... shows up a snobby 45 minutes late to meet-and-greet...

footage is on it's way...

spears wants more, gets less.

we were all fooled, again. this time - we thought britney really did want her kids back. she passed a couple drug tests. she finally obtained a california driver's license. things were on the up-and-up.

then, as always, she screwed it up. and in the end, tries to shuffle the blame on her tight posse, also known as the papparazi.

i'm so over brit. done with her. the whole custody hearings were interesting, but they've lost my attention. i'm trying to move on to other frivolous pieces of news. such as this, from my good friends at tmz...

c'mon, you want to laugh.



so i just posted this about lindsay lohan dating a fellow convict and acting as a homewrecker, stealing her boyfriend away from his engagement with this woman.

this woman is 22-year old breanna tierney. and i found her myspace.

how about the comment regarding the boob job she's getting? tierney clearly received a lot of money for dishing the goods to the enquirer - and i guess she's receiving some in return.

just when you thought everything with lindsay had calmed down...

perez hilton posts this about her new boyfriend, who she met in rehab - and his criminal background (guessing of course the reason he landed in the utah facility).

then the national enquirer breaks this story - about how lindsay lohan stole this guy from his fiance!

who would you rather marry - this chick or la lohan?

pam's wedding photo... again.

ok! magazine landed this exclusive - pam anderson and rick solomon's wedding photo. pam's best known for her boobs. rick's best known for co-starring in the paris hilton sex tape.
sounds like a match made in hollywood to me!

week three under the lights

the beginning of the night started off with a bummer - as tony from the street team informed me that authorities would not allow us to broadcast from inside wilkes-barre memorial stadium.

well, jeez that kinda sucks.

tony and i made the most of it though. we entered the stadium pre-game to check out what fine cuisine the stadium concessions stand offered. from there we made some new friends in the hanover cheerleading squad, and then headed out to start the show.

btw - the food tony and i spoke of on-air is pictured below, along with the rest of the snapshots from hanover @ gar. enjoy, yo.

this is so fly...

looks like people beyond northeast pa read this blog...

"Ralphie - Just wanted to let you know that your interview with I Nine was awesome. So glad you have it on UTube. I'm the Mom of Brian (guitarist) and we're always happy to see and hear them when they appear away from home. They are a great bunch of kids. Brian and Carmen actually have known each other since the 2nd grade and then they all met in middle school, went to high school and USC-Columbia together. They've all been my kids for so long, can't remember not having them as part of my family. Anyway thanks for a great interview and pictures. Remember their name and keep plugging the song. I have a good feeling you'll be hearing alot more about them."

i'm not surprised, as i-nine themselves were so grounded - you'd almost expect an e-mail like this if it was any other industry. but the fact that the mom's of up-and-coming bands still drop us dj's lines like this is truly refreshing.

there's a first for everything.

not sure what seperated this weekend from others, but it certainly proved to be a weekend of "firsts."

at the advice of our fearless morning show host aj, i dragged the girlfriend to the viewmont mall in scranton. yes, the guy in the relationship proposed a sunday-filled shopping. to break the stereotype even more, after i finished shopping, ang only had one thing on her mind - an auntie anne's pretzel and some good ole' fashioned lemonade. and of course, i obliged.

i hadn't made it to viewmont yet, and aj recommended their express men store. similar to what i'm accustomed to, the express men is a seperate store in viewmont, as opposed to the mall at steamtown and the wyoming valley mall, where there is simply a men's section to the regular express.

after a triple-digit bill and a brand new express credit card, i reacquainted myself with the more familiar express men. clearance items were an extra thirty percent off, what did you expect?

more weekend firsts... friday night lights experienced an unfortunate first. due to orders from the authorities, i had to broadcast the entire show from the parking lot across the street from wilkes-barre memorial stadium. clearly this frustrated me, and my initial reaction wasn't pleasant. but after a little stragetizing, tony from the street team and i devised a plan to deliver the content needed under the circumstances.

before the game, we headed into the stadium. to digress a moment, let me state that i love the stadium. i know it is nothing special, but that's what makes it unique in my eyes, especially after visiting the fields of scranton and old forge. i really dug the whole "stoic, brick-wall" feel.

i also dug the grub. tony and i feasted on pizza, hot dogs, chili, and hot chocolate. the lack of student participation in the show allowed us to introduce a new segment to friday night lights, where we take our normally off-air discussion of the food to the airwaves. i think this week's critique of the semi-cold chili and deep, rich hot chocolate went over well the audience (then again, i suppose you would know better than i).
another quick digression, pictures from the night are coming, i promise.

to cap off the weekend, i completed a long-overdue first: cooking my homemade spaghetti sauce in my apartment. i had cooked pasta in syracuse a many times, and even a couple times at the lover's digs in ct. but, never in the big w-b, until sunday. delish doesn't do it justice. yes, i'm that confident in my cooking (or atleast my sauce).

add in live appearances at the woodlands and ragz in dallas, along with some qt with the gf, and the you could say the weekend had a little bit of everything you could ask for.

unless of course, you stray from trying things for the first time.


britney gets her booking on.

paris, nicole, lindsay, and now britney.

the pop princess turned herself to authorities late last night. police booked spears on her one charge of a hit and run. all reports confirm britney cooperated fully with the LAPD. there is a spears mugshot, but it will not be released :(

brit wants more!

tmz's michael hundgen joined the show thursday night (10.11) with the details on britney spears gaining one night of custody per week with her kids.

click here to hear how brit simply says, "gimme more."

will.i.am. : the interview you must listen to.

last week i had the pleasure of interviewing black eyed peas lead emcee/super producer/solo artist/fashion designer/activist william adams, known to millions across the globe as "will.i.am."

it's been an interesting decade for the renaissance man. adams worked endlessly and witnessed first-hand the fruits of his labor as the peas transformed their cult-following into arena-packed crowds, losing some but gaining many on the ride.

as of late, will's been outspoken on a number of political issues. he's worked with EVERYONE in the music biz - from past projects with busta rhymes, justin timberlake, and the game - to future projects with whitney houston and michael jackson.

please, don't forget his black eyed peas franchise/label (will.i.am. music group), which not only houses the grammy award-winning peas, but also fergie and his own critically acclaimed solo projects.

will and i spoke for 13 minutes, one-hundred eighty seconds over the limit set forth by interscope records, which set up the phone interview. i had never spoken to the dude longer than three minutes previous to this.

oh yes, we have spoken before. even met.

it's a real long story, but here's the jist: i am good friends with one of the peas' managers. i've been across the northeast with bep, from ontario to stroudsberg - checking out shows, hanging out in the dressing rooms, and then heading to, or in some instances, creating the after-party.

tour buses, hotels, catering areas, clubs, frat houses. "all-access pass" doesn't even do the experience justice.

so you'd think after hanging with the peas on numerous occasions, that i'd be really cool with will right? wrong. see while taboo, apl.de.ap., the crew, and OCCASIONALLY fergie were gettin' our crunk on, will got his business on. will got his producer on. will would literally spend all time before the show on the "john lennon bus." basically - it's a state-of-the-art recording studio on four wheels, funded by the john lennon music foundation.

right before show-time, will would get his wardrobe and prep on with tab and ap. after a quick hallway meeting with fergie and the band - the whole crew would hit the stage in a usually extravagent fashion - entertaining a sold-out crowd.

after the show, the band, tab, ap, the managers, myself... we'd seek out the alcohol and promiscuous activities that the home city offered.

but will would head back to the "lennon bus" as those backstage affectionately called it. once i spoke with the lennon rep for the bus about will's work ethic.

"the guy is amazing. he spends all day, all night in here. and seriously, he has hard drives upon hard drives of material. he's definitely tupac-in' it."

but you could argue that bunching him with the likes of shakur doesn't give adams the proper credit he's due. afterall, will's impact spans from hip-hop and r&b, to latin music (sergio mendes), to pop music.

needless to say, i have an uber amount of respect for the man, as a person and as a professional. this is why the interview spanned two parts over two nights - covering a wide range of topics, from the new solo cd to immigration reform.

the links to the interview is below. i promise, you won't be disappointed.

- part one (the solo cd, the "beef" with kanye, another solo cd?)
- part two (american issues, the solo cd)

i-nine : full coverage

video, audio, pictures... don't worry, i have i-nine's performance/appearance in the bht studios covered for ya.

click above for the convo...


i take that back...

THIS is the greatest video ever. gosh i love youtube.


even barney can crank that... YOUUUUUUUUUU!

lilo is back home.

tmz cameras spotted lindsay lohan - sans the new boyfriend and alcohol, and plus the new blonde hair and hot shades, at an LA restaurant. lohan spent the past three months in a utah rehab facility. she's allegedly cleaned-up and sober.
looks healthier - and she's certainly taking rehab to heart, amy winehouse shoes and all.

tonight on the ralphie radio show!

- free pa lottery tickets - the new boo koo bucks dollar instant game!
- i-nine live in studio for an acoustic performance of "seven days of lonely"
- night terrors passes!

as if you needed more reasons to listen!

this is kinda funny slash interesting...

so last night best in drag held its annual aids fundraiser in LA - hoping to raise awareness and funds for aids research. big fans of the gays included martin and charlie sheen. but according to tmz, who did the crowd boo after his introduction?

yeah - perez... one of their own!