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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!


tmz's michael hundgen joined the show thursday night (11.29) with details on the break up of "dancing with the stars" champ helio castroneves and his fiance. (hundgen can be seen weekdays on "tmz tv", airing at 6:30p on channel 38 the cw. )

click here for the dirt.

lilo eats turkey, dumps bf...

people magazine reports that lindsay lohan FINALLY dumped boyfriend riley giles, and she made the move over thanksgiving. i can't believe it took her this long to realize that she could do waaaaaay better.

and i hope she enjoyed her holiday.

more on drake bell...

- we're working on obtaining more v.i.p. passes to meet drake bell next saturday at the mall at steamtown. stay tuned!

- all this week - win breakfast with drake! i know, ridiculous. details monday night.

- the meet and greet is NOT open to the public. only people with a pass will be able to go on stage and get a picture with drake. however - drake will be performing in the mall - and we'll also have a ton of giveaways, including SIGNED drake bell guitars, photos, and tons of other swag!

see you next saturday!


so you want to meet drake bell? (thursday)

here are the round-about times i'll be asking for caller 20 tonight to win that v.i.p. pass to skip to the front of the line on december 8th at the mall at steamtown and meet drake bell (phew, long sentence)...

- 7:26
- 8:32
- 9:37
- 10:04

good luck!

julia roberts - pretty MAD woman!

i love how she completely intimidates this scum-bag photog...

snoop bites t-pain...

love the song/video - but you know music is getting ugly when a living legend is stealing from t-pain. whatevs.

amazing deals!

saved a ton of money monday. and no, i didn't switch my car insurance to geico.

all the credit is due to this website that gathers the best on-line deals/coupons to one place. i spoke with co-founder brad wilson about it on wednesday night.

if you plan on completing your holiday shopping on-line, plan on heading to bradsdeals.com...
- part 1 : what bradsdeals.com is.

- part 2 : the extinction of malls/really cheap diamonds.


presidential candidate is "chuck norris approved."

too funny.

wanna meet drake bell? (wednesday)

of course, drake bell is coming to the mall at steamtown in scranton on december 8th. tonight caller 20 with the phrase that pays snags one v.i.p. pass to skip to the front of the line and meet drake.

i'll announce when to call in - and tonight i'll be doing so AROUND these times...

- 7:22
- 8:40
- 9:34
- 10:08

good luck!


soulja boy and perez team up...

looks like perezito got his hands on soulja boy's sunglasses... hey soulja boy - what are youuuuu wearing here? (photo credit: buzzfoto)

hogan knows nothing good right now...

could it get any worse for the hogans? brooke's career isn't taking off. nick is a criminal. hulk and linda are getting divorced (or atleast, we finally found out about it).

let's just pile more on... the st. petersburg times released the 911 tape of the nick hogan accident. click here to listen.

update: more bad news. brooke hogan's gained a considerable amount of weight.

coming soon: new unfitney video...

britney spears's next song-to-radio (or as us radio people call it, her next "single") will be "pieces of me." i think there are better songs on the cd, such as "hot as ice," but i don't work for jive.


turns out the next california disaster that is britney's video shoots will take place tomorrow. while many artists dedicate days to their music videos - the mother of two will spend a whole two hours on set. if that.

us weekly with more details here.

tyra will almost take it all off in bed...

even supermodels are insecure. but apparently for tyra banks, it's what she doesn't have on her body, not what is already there.

while tyra is confident with her body, she lacks confidence in her hair. to the point where she will not take off her wig in bed - even if she's with a guy.

read the story here.

don't worry, still here...

sorry for going m.i.a. during the holiday vacation. things became extremely hectic around here, and then i headed home to niagara falls to spend thanksgiving with the family. i also partook in my first black friday since my days of collecting kenner starting lineups as a kid. i then one-up'd myself, shopping through websites today in my inaugural "cyber monday."

for the record, i enjoyed carusing e-store fronts at noon from the comfort of my own apartment much more than waking up at 7am to a frozen-over western new york with stores sold out of any decent deals.

despite this - i am proud to say that i am closing in on a personal-record for completing christmas shopping. hopefully i didn't just jinx myself.

right before i left, the people in clarks summit gave me something to be very thankful for - charity. street teamer jason and i drove up to gerrity's in clarks summit to participate in a little "celebrity bagging." basically, we bag your groceries. you tip us. all money is donated directly to the weinberg regional food bank.

jason and i raised more money in clarks summit than at any other bht celebrity bagging stop. so thank you.

hope you enjoyed your time with friends and family - along with all of the amazing food. now to your frivolous news....