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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!


DAILY DOWNLOAD: Vita Chambers - 'Young Money'

Universal Motown/SRP Recording Artist Vita Chambers swung through The RRS to talk about her Thanksgiving Day performance to celebrate 50 years of Motown, as well as her new track, "Young Money", which is available now on iTunes.

Part 1: Barbados, Thanksgiving Performance

Part 2: "Young Money"

TMZ'S DAX: 'Jersey Shore' Cast Starting to Fold

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TMZ's Dax tells The RRS that at least two cast members from season one of MTV's "Jersey Shore" will return.

Read more here.
Catch Dax on TMZ TV, local listings here.


EXCLUSIVE: Janet Jackson Signs Off On Iyaz's "Solo"

At around 9 p.m. on Tuesday - Warner Brothers/Reprise Records received the green light from Janet Jackson to move forward on the release of the next Iyaz single, a sure-to-be-hit ballad entitled, "Solo."
The song samples Jackson's 1993 number 1 smash, "Again." According to a source at WB Records, Jackson gave her blessing to the track, and even complimented Iyaz on it, noting that she is a fan of the song.
The single is Iyaz's follow-up to his own number 1 hit, "Replay", in which he crooned about being stuck on a girl by using the metaphor that his iPod was stuck on, you guessed it, replay.



EXCLUSIVE: Matisyahu On The Winter Olympics, Akon, And Autotune

Matisyahu grew up playing hockey and cheering on the New York Rangers in White Plains, NY. Little did Matthew Miller know that he would eventually call the theme to a Winter Olympics a song of his own. “One Day” is a track off of his 2009 LP, Light. Now, a remix with rapper Akon will be featured by NBC throughout the 2010 Winter Olympics – which kick off February 12.

“There’s been an offer out from the Canadian (hockey) team,” joked Matisyahu, who called “The Ralphie Radio Show to chat about the track. “I’m trying to decide if I can do it to America.”

Kidding aside, the Hasidic Jewish emcee will be rooting for the U.S. – and will also appear in Vancouver to perform a few shows. Although he doesn’t record or perform with autotune – Matisyahu admits experimenting with it and other vocal effects in the studio. Despite this, he didn’t hesitate to collaborate with Akon.
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“My taste is kind of like, really varied,” he said. “As long as someone is using something tastefully and it’s being done in a way, I can get in to it, even if it’s not something I would necessarily choose to do myself.”

Certainly Matisyahu is no stranger to the mainsteam – his 2006 song, “King Without A Crown” cracked the Top 30 on the Billboard charts. While other artists may attempt to hide themselves from the masses, as to not alienate themselves from the underground – Matisyahu views the balance of the two realms as a challenge.

“For me, it’s about, definitely staying true to the music and not compromise, but at the same time, to be able to kinda make music and create something that people can really relate to,” he said. “Yunno, there’s an art to that, and I don’t really see it as compromise to do something more accessible as much as I see it as, yunno, ‘How do you make one of those songs that’s timeless?’”

An artist who feels it’s more of a challenge than a cop out to create something for both the mainstream and the underground – who knew?


EXCLUSIVE: Omarion Says He'll Be The Simon Of MTV's ABDC; Admits He Was Originally Slated For "Bedrock" Hook

During a check-in to “The Ralphie Radio Show” – Omarion revealed that he was originally on the hook of Young Money’s “Bedrock” – until he chose to leave YM.

“I actually wrote a hook, that’s true,” said Omarion, whose third solo LP, Ollusion, is in stores now. “I would’ve enjoyed to be on a record that is, you know, as successful as that record right now, but it wasn’t meant to be.”

Omarion does not have any regrets regarding his time with Young Money, and says there is no bad blood between him and the crew.

“When things are meant to be, they happen,” he said. “They don’t stutter-step, they don’t almost happen, they happen.”

Part 1: Mentors, Ollusion and illusions about his life

Part 2: Pharrell, "Speedin'", Young Money

Much has happened for the R&B crooner since the beginning of 2010. Ollusion dropped a few weeks ago, and now MTV tapped Omarion to replace Shane Sparks as a judge on “America’s Best Dance Crew”.

“I would call myself, something like, a ‘Simon’,” said the singer, comparing his style to of course that of “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell. “It’s gonna go down.”

Speaking of Idols though – Omarion talked about artists that he looks up to. With Ollusion a play-on-words from the illusion that some people have with his life, O credits his family, friends, and past experiences in being able to keep his own personal life on the "DL".

“I really look up to Pharrell (Williams),” said Omarion – citing the artist/producer as not just a “genius”, but a friend. “He gives me really, really super advice.”

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: The Ring A.J. McLean Gave To His Fiance

As you may or may not know by now, Backstreet Boys singer A.J. McLean proposed to his girlfriend, Rochelle Karidis, on stage at a Las Vegas night club earlier this month. The Ralphie Radio Show obtained this photo of the engagement ring given to Karidis:

McLean previously described the ring to MTV News:

"It is a square head with princess-cut diamonds surrounding and a one-carat diamond in the center and there's also about 20 or 25 princess-cut diamonds on the actual band," he said.

No date has been set for the wedding.

DR. MICHAEL HALL: No Surprise Heidi Montag's Doctor Doesn't Want To Perform More Procedures On Her

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Dr. Michael Hall, creator of the Longevity Anti-Aging Center, called The RRS, offering his professional opinion on Heidi Montag's obsession with cosmetic surgery, and her doctor's comments that he doesn't want to perform any more procedures on her.

Read more about Dr. Hall here.

TMZ'S DAX: Conan Walks Away With A Big Pay Day

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TMZ's Dax checked in to The RRS to detail how much Conan O'Brien and his crew will receive after leaving NBC.

Catch Dax on TMZ TV - Local listings here.
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Stacey Nelkin, actress and co-author of the book, "You Can't Afford To Break Up: How an Empty Wallet and a Dirty Mind Can Save Your Relationship", called in to The RRS to discuss how a Cupid can work effectively within a tight budget.

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