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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!


kanye's backstage demands!

Download the mp3

TMZ's Michael Hundgen calls in to The Ralphie Radio Show with details on what Kanye West demands in his dressing room for the upcoming "Glow In The Dark" Tour. You'll be surprised!

Catch Michael on TMZ on TV, weekdays at 6:30 on Channel 38 - The CW.


an open letter to "johnny" walker.

dear "jumpin' johnny" walker -

next time you paraphrase (read: steal) my work in the same publication in which it appeared, please try and mind one of the following rules...

- if, in fact, you lifted this fact from my column, please source me.
- however, giving you the benefit of the doubt, if you were completely oblivious that i scooped your asinine attempt at writing a weak ago in the weekender, please use enough intelligence to actually read "the ralphie report" - so that further discrepencies can be avoided.

for those wondering exactly what i'm talking about, please - see the evidence below. first, my column from 2.27. next, jumpin' johnny's, from this week's weekender.


su alum pisses off ashlee!!!

yes! my homie kane, who hosts a morning show in washington d-sizzle, and is a fellow syracuse alum, pissed off ashlee simpson. apparently he asked questions that were too personal, and she acted "drunk" during the interview.

perez hilton covered it, here's the link...

and really, who gave joe simpson those glasses?

britney confuses everyone - kids included...

from page six...

"“Jamie told Kevin that Britney handled the visit well. She actually did cry, but that was only because Sean cried when she took them from Kevin,” says the insider.

Britney has her own way of trying to soothe her sons. "Britney always sings to them. She loves lullabies. In fact, before the split, both Britney and Kevin sang to the boys every night."

The boys are said to be confused when it comes to their mom, which is another reason why either Jamie Spears or a psychologist is present during the visits."

don't worry kids, you're not the only ones...

the hillary offerer speaks to ralphie!

Download the mp3

97 BHT's Ralphie Aversa scores an exclusive interview with Bob Porter - a west coast millionaire who is prepared to offer Senator Hillary Clinton over a million dollars to pose for a set of, "nude, artistic, tasteful photos." You gotta listen and hear his reasoning, and Ralphie's response!


mtv "runs" from new gnarls barkley video...

so here's the new video for the latest gnarls barkley song, "run"...

and here's why mtv won't run it.

the offer to clinton - on bht tonight...

bob porter, the guy infamous for this offer to senator clinton, now $1,000,000 to pose nude, will be on the show tonight at 9:45.

i dunno what to do with all of this.

will he be your man's best friend?

Harrison Forbes, dog trainer and host of the nationally syndicated radio and television show "Pet Talk", says that there are a few steps a woman and her prospective mate can take to help Fido accept that there is a new member in the pack.

~~ "The easiest route to a dog's heart is through the belly". He suggests the new boyfriend feed the dog for a few days. In fact, letting your boyfriend hand-feed your canine will be a bonding experience for both of them, an experience that will especially help your four-legged friend learn to trust and respect your new beau.

~~ Next, hand over the leash, Frisbee or ball. "It falls on the man to take time and effort to bond with the dog". However, if your dog is really standoffish, go slowly. "...If a dog is fearful or suspicious, don't try to shove your friendship on him. Dogs have a real antenna for somebody invading their personal space. They react better if you don't get in their face and act smoochy-smoochy."

~~ The trainers says you should always remember that dogs do not like to feel cornered, especially by strangers who are invading their territory. In fact, since the first meeting sets the tone, you may want to have the introduction between your dog and man to take place on neutral ground, like a park. "Just be calm, walk together, and have a couple of treats in your hand".If a man is afraid of dogs, the woman should arrange for a first introduction that is focused on another activity (like watching a movie) to diffuse the nervous energy. Try to keep the conversation light, Forbes says, and have a handful of dog snacks nearby.

~~ Finally, that age-old question: Can a woman really share her bed with man and beast? Yes, but maybe not right away. "On the first night, take your dog to a boarding kennel or another part of the house". Just make sure the dog knows he is not being punished. "Dogs are pretty willing followers. If it just becomes the norm and his scent is in the room, he'll sense the change and not fight it so much."

i despise dogs, and this post.

connect 4 with kanye.

our friends at tmz snagged a copy of kanye west's rider for the upcoming "glow in the dark tour." a rider is basically a binding agreement with a set of demands set forth by the artist.

some of kanye's demands are funny. like the connect 4 game in the dressing room. or the guitar hero.

anyways, click here to download and browse the papers yourself.

uh oh, ryan seacrest.

danny's reaction to ryan seacrest "just noticing" his purple hair - priceless.

airborne crashed? get your cash back!

it's true! and you don't even need proofs of purchase. click here to read the story.


madonna/jt/timbaland - hear it tonight!

that's right, 'cause i just don't care. i'm spinning the new madonna/justin/timbaland track - "4 minutes" - tonight on my show.

listen for it in between 7p & 9p. and check tomorrow's ralphie report in the weekender for my 2 cents on the track. holler.

top 10 metrosexual celebs...

a day of "10" lists i suppose... starpulse just released this. who's the prince of metroville?
yup, ya boy, jake gyllenhaal. fyi, ryan seacrest checks in at a poor number 8. i would've thought top 5 for sure. and zac efron makes the list, but i don't believe he should count because he's all but outed as a gay.

10 ways to catch him cheating...

an fyi, just in case you're trying to break free from that relationship of yours...

"...There are 3 areas that you can see a possible change - his personal behavior, his phone behavior and his computer behavior.

1. Check his cell phone bill. Is there suspicious numbers with long duration, that he is doing after just leaving your house or just before coming home in the evening, that could be a sign of cheating.
2. Check his credit card statement. Are there amounts that you do not know about that seem suspicious restaurant visits, hotel nights or travels. Is there any gifts purchased for a women, lipsticks, jewelry, flowers... but you did not receive the gift.
3. Go through his wallet for unexplained receipts. Usually cheating men has a lot of cash on them, they do not want to leave trace on the credit card statement.
4. Check his ATM withdrawals, is he carrying a lot more cash than usual. Check the transaction record for where and when he took money out. Should he be somewhere else when the withdrawals are done?
5. Check the mileage on his car. His driving pattern might change, is he putting a lot of extra miles on the car. Is he spending more money on gas, than usual? Monitor your husband or boyfriend for a couple of weeks. Keep track of the mileage. Also monitor when he leaves for work and comes home from work.
6. Does he say that he has to work overtime? Check his paycheck is the overtime not showing up on his paycheck... this is a sign.
7. Check the phone. Press the re-dial on his phone or "star"69. This way you can see who he has been calling.
8. If you suspect that the cheating might even be going on in your own home. Make false plans to go out of town, stay with a friend or at a hotel. Then watch your house from a distant. Have a non-violent plan for what you want to do if your nightmare does come true. Be smart about it.
9. If you have a phone number that you would like to know whom that belongs to use a phone lock up service. It will give you the name, address and personal information.
10. Computer spy ware, if you think your husband is chatting or emailing somebody he is not suppose to install a spy ware program that monitors all computer and internet activities, it will tell you what sites he has been on, who he is emailing, what is in the emails..."

an offer i hope senator clinton refuses...

his name is bob, he lives on the pacific, he's a huge yankees fan, and he's a multi-millionaire.

my admiration for this guy ends there.

he is offering senator hillary clinton $1,000,000 ($750k at the time he shot this video) to pose nude in "artistic, tasteful photos."

gotta love youtube.

the man involved with the perez scandal speaks!

Download the interview

Former celebrity publicist and current blogger J.J. Jaxson chats exclusively with Ralphie Aversa about the scandal surrounding himself and fellow blogger Perez Hilton!

For more on this story, read the Page Six article here.


another umbrella cover? a country one? yes!

i'm cleary being sarcastic with the title. carrie underwood and keith urban jump under rihanna's umbrella at a recent show...

more proof juno doesn't like boys...

what timing? right after this blind item, ellen page offers up the blogosphere a softball during a SNL skit... enjoy.