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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!


timbaland's wedding...

Download the mp3
Did you know Timbaland got hitched last weekend? TMZ did - and Leslie Harris called in to The Ralphie Radio Show with the scoop.

Catch Leslie on TMZ TV - Weekdays at 5 on Channel 38 - The CW.


what he "baracks" out too...

click here for an article about what presidential hopeful barack obama listens to on his ipod. interesting read - especially when he offers props to jay-z and ludacris, yet won't allow his two younger daughters to listen to the rappers.

katy perry - former gospel singer.

before she sang about kissing girls, she sang praise to the lord. true story. click here for more. or listen below...

kid rock says steal...

everything (obviously he was just joking about all of this).


new cute is what we aim for!

i've bought four cds in the past three years (i work in radio, which yields a ton of free music).

two of those discs are by cute is what we aim for. my fellow western new yorkers dropped their second lp today, and it sent me to hot topic for my second time ever. if you are a fan of good writing, emo-pop, and or catchy songs for summer, grab ten bucks from the atm and grab a copy of rotation.

congrats britney...

unfitney deemed fit to spend nights with her kids... details with tmz here.

blake lewis, hadda see this coming...

can't tell you how many times blake expressed his displeasure with both the management and label he dealt with.

apparently, he won't have to deal with that label anymore.


wine fest!

too much fun. click here for the photos. (and doesn't adam look like he walked out of gta iv?)

jen stalking mayer...

aniston flew overseas to visit john, who is on tour in europe.

this doesn't scream, "desperate" or anything...

the thong gone wrong.

apparently this woman is suing victoria's secret because she injured herself while attempting to put on one of the store's thongs... but who's really to blame?

as if we didn't have enough to worry about with the tomatoes...

jessica simpson and "the packed house"

it gets interesting around the 5 minute mark, for about 15 seconds, and that's about it.

my interview would've gone a lot differently, and i'm sure jessica or her people wouldn't have let it last for 8 minutes.

and yes, the interviewers really called the room "a packed house." and we wonder why people are tuning out...

yes! another heidi montag song!

it's called "fashion." as in, fashionably tacky... fashionably cliche... fashionably awful? sure, if such thing exists, why not.

apparently spencer pratt says this is the best song he's ever heard in his life.

someone get him coldplay's new cd... or better yet, a life.