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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!


LOVIN' the new ashlee simpson...

she's so overshadowing her sister right now...

tonight on the ralphie radio show...

7pm - are you smarter than 97 bht? chance to qualify to win a new volvo!

8pm - after the top 8 @ 8, michael hundgen from tmz with the latest on the jaime lynn spears pregnancy.

9pm - a wilkes university professor says petting dogs and making sexy time can improve your immune system. don't believe me? he'll tell you on the radio after 9pm!

plus candy cane crossword pa lottery tickets where you could win up to $60k!

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jaime lynn madness.

from msnbc to tmz, seems as if jaime lynn spears has finally stepped out of the shadow of her older sister. of course, the 16 year-old had to get knocked up to accomplish such a feat - but hey, gotta play to win!

anyways, here's the latest... yes, brit knows, and she's not happy that she wasn't in the loop... ok! magazine will not pay jaime lynn for the cover story - but the magazine will pay her $1 million for the first baby photos... as if the popwreck known as unfitney wasn't a big enough reason, mother lynne finally scrapped her plans to write a parenting advise book... mr. spears isn't happy about any of this... the 19 year-old father's grandparents are thrilled.


btw - not sure why i finally watched this on tmz, but even if you beat me to the punch, freakin' punch again, HILARIOUS.

NOTE: if the video doesn't work, watch it here.


another spears does it again...

lynne spears sure wins the "world's toughest mothering job award."

the trials and tribulations with her daughter britney are well documented.

now it's time for unfitney to drive out of the spotlight and back to the gas station. turns out 16-year old jaime lynn is pregnant.

mother and teen mother-to-be confirmed the pregnancy to ok! magazine in an exclusive interview.

according to tmz, older sis brit isn't happy. because clearly, she has A LOT of room to talk.

the magazine hits stores tomorrow.

also tomorrow - michael hundgen from tmz on the ralphie radio show with the latest on the spears sisters and the pregnancy of a one lily allen.

happy birthday brad pitt!

fast forward to 1:40... mr. jolie turns 44 today.

momma shady steps from the shadows...

this just in - EVERYONE gets a book deal.

DO YOU still have time? yes!

of course tonight is "do you tuesday" - with the question, "DO YOU have more christmas shopping to do?"

if the answer is yes, don't fret, it can still be completed on-line. brad wilson from bradsdeals.com just sent me this e-mail...

"We are aggregating the Christmas shipping deadlines for all the online stores. A few, including the cataloger Brookstone and the popular shoe store Zappos, will actually let you order on Sunday 12/23 for overnight delivery Monday 12/24. I’ve never heard of Sunday shipping until this year. Many more (Amazon, Nordstrom.com, Blue Nile, HP, Pottery Barn) will accept orders on Saturday 12/22 for delivery on Monday 12/24. Here is a link to the sortable list we have put together:


Thought this might be interesting since most people aren’t aware of how late they can shop online (and take advantage of the inherent advantages of doing so – lower prices, coupon codes, no sales tax, warmth)."


tonight on the ralphie radio show...

- 7PM - $25 gift certificate to rampel stylish boutique, pierce street, kingston. can you say last second gift?

- 8PM - are you smarter than 97 bht? qualify to become a finalist for a new volvo!

- 9PM - do you tuesday - DO YOU have your christmas shopping done?

- 10PM - pa lottery tickets - candy cane crossword - 15 top prizes of $60,000!

plus a big celebrity birthday, and the gallery of sound top eight @ eight.

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britney video isn't as bad as you'd think...

here it is - piece of me...

thanks for the memories jessica simpson...

note to all star quarterbacks - DO NOT bring your hot blond girlfriend to your game. she WILL mess things up. jessica simpson causes dallas cowboys qb tony romo to lose his cool in the end zone as the cowboys lose and romo plays one of the worst games of his career!

this is too funny...

The marketing geniuses that comprise 97 BHT have decided to allow me, Ralphie, to host two special screenings of "A Christmas Story" this Thursday at the Endless Mountains Movie Theater in Dickson City - Business Route 6 next to K-Mart. There will be two showings at 5 and 7 PM - and admission is only $4!