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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!


the greater scranton jaycees santa parade!

pictures from my point of view - my first holiday parade here in nepa. also in the wilkes-barre parade later. enjoy!


final fob video - the staff's thoughts...

marino, justin bryant, and i all share our thoughts in a not-so-serious way about tuesday's stop of "the young wild things tour" in philly.


travie throws the remix on an fob song...

one of the cooler portions of fall out boy's set... pete wentz gabs into one of my favorite tracks on infinity on high - "the takeover, the break's over" - and travis from gym class heroes emerges with his two cents slash sixteen bars.

hotness. that should be an in-studio remix so i can play it on the radio...

fall out boy covers the killers...

imagine our surprise when the boys from chi-town paid homage to their labelmates from vegas with a rendition of "mr. brightside"...

fall out boy - exclusive video from philly.

highlights of their 90 minute set from tuesday's show at the wachovia spectrum in philadelphia...

lindsay in and out of jail...

michael hundgen on the show at 7:30 with the latest... breaking news, stay tuned!

the stars turn in their cards...

from the new york post...

In his new book on sexual facts, "Where Do Nudists Keep Their Hankies?" just out from HarperEntertainment, Mitchell Symons reveals that Clint Eastwood, David Duchovny, Bruce Willis and Jerry Hall gave up their innocence at 14. Topping them are: Johnny Depp, James Caan and Jon Bon Jovi, who were just 13. Don Johnson was a mere 12. And Sean Connery confessed, "I was 8, but I can't recall with whom."

i can't recall exactly what i did at 8 either - but whatever i did certainly didn't involve taking my clothes off.

lindsay sans makeup.

thanks to tmz.

something tells me that at her ripe age of 21, all of the drugs/alcohol/misc. unhealthy lifestyle characteristics are catching up to her.


best buy and i made up today.

so all of those nasty things i typed about my good friends "the geek squad"... i take 'em back.

best buy awarded my three weeks of patience earlier today with a new digital camera. my new kodak easyshare m753 is a step up from my previous camera. it didn't cost me a penny more. and my service warranty carried over.

holler for the first pic!

fall out boy : backstage passes.

kind of... a sample sheet of the various passes distributed at tuesday's "wild young things" tour stop in philly at the wachovia spectrum...

you can't read it - but photogs are only allowed to snap shots of the first two songs, videographers get the first :30 seconds of those same songs.

what's fall out boy scuured about?

buy a piece of the sopranos.

yeah, not even the new york family could take home a piece of tony soprano. but now you can own a building that he certainly loved to mangia in.

get that special some one this christmas a piece of tv history. turns out satriale's pork store wasn't really a pork store - it was a big building owned by someone else. now that person knocked down the structure to make room for "the soprano" - deluxe condos that will garner six-figure sale tags. but don't worry - the story of satriale's doesn't end there.
you can now purchase pieces of the old building. the "porkstones" are selling for $25 and $50 - and can be purchased here.

gym class heroes live video!

check out snippets of their performance from last night's show in philly. gotta love patrick stump hoppin' on his hook in "clothes off!"...

pictures from the young wild things tour...

ralphie and mtv!

yeah yeah... check out the screenshot...

nothing like having a lead story on an mtv website, citizen journalism blog or otherwise. click here to check out the blog's front page. click here to read the full article i wrote on yesterday's concert.


the show's ovah.

in the car heading back on 76. great show. a couple more highlights...

- travis came out and spit 16 bars before "the takeover, the break's over." why don't they hop in the studio and remix that?

- according to my sources, pete wentz and ashlee simpson are STILL an item.

- "this ain't a scene" looked like a full out theatrical performance. the big words on the video screen - the huge flames - hotness, literally.

- set lasted about an hour and a half.

- how is a philly establishment sold out of cheesesteaks?

- wachovia spectrum - sucks. everything else, including philly - amazing.

later tonight/tomorrow - video, full review, pictures. stay tuned!

almost an hour.

fob is throwing down the guitar riffs to thriller as i type. so far, so amazing. a little less than 60 minutes into this performance, and it's exceeded my expectations.

the group treated philly to a couple acoustic performances, including a solo version of "golden."

pete told the crowd right before this song that we'd hear a longer set - the group won't be playing in the states for much longer (overseas tour for once).

gotta jet - the takeover, the break's over!!!

30 minutes in...

fall out boy is on 30 minutes of rockin' the spectrum. after a little tease, it seems the group is diving into the latest cd, "infinity on high." we've already heard carpal tunnel of love and hum halellujah.

here comes "i'm like a lawyer (me & you)"

patrick's voice is unearthing. lovin' it.

meeee andddd youuuuuuu :)

the good, bad, and ugly...

good - gym class heroes ended their set strong. you figured patrick stump would cameo for one of his two collabs with gch, and he didn't disappoint. stump jumped on his own hook of "clothes off!" awesome stuff - the guys voice sounds better live than recorded... atleast for now.

bad - the atm is located 30 miles from where we're sitting.

ugly - can't pay with credit cards at the concessions. wtf with this place.

ever heard of the artic monkeys?

seems the gym class heroes have. travie and the boys from upstate ny covered one of their songs midway through the set, only moments after asking all of philly to jump to van halen's hit.

the spec looks pretty full. no seating on the floor - and its packed like sardines halfway to the end.

the three of us are sitting on stage left, in the press box. no free food or wireless internet. basically i'm lost.

love gch, but i've seen them multiple times already. i'm ready for fob.

you know the concert is comprised of emo-friendly bands when... the merch line is jam packed, and there's no wait at the concessions stand :X

well this sucks...

the wachovia spectrum lacks internet connectivity. so looks like i'll be blogging from the bberry. pics and vids will wait til later tonight.

gym class heroes are now. geneva, ny stand up! started with "cupid's chokehold." went into "the queen and i." now travis is gabbing.

yes - favorite song now. ttyl after their set.


plain white t's just ended their set. thank goodness. i didn't want to hear "hey there delilah" one more time.

waiting for justin to get back from the men's room - then it's off to our seats.

merch line is sick. marino and i are eyeing the fob hoodies. we are not eyeing the seven dollar beers... yet.

philly love!

as of now, my laptop will be allowed in the spectrum of wachovia. really excited aboutthe show. thankfully we haven't run into too much traffic.

i think the chances of checking out cute is what we aim for are slim. maybe the show starts an hour late? let's hope.

the heatness.

so just in case the wachovia spectrum decides to deny my laptop entrance into the arena, i have set up my blackberry to blog. funness my friends, funness.

anywho, im doing marino's show now til 6, then its off to philly for the big show. expect a blog update or seven on the way down.

ps i really hope we don't miss the performance of cute is what we aim for. wny represent!

k back to the show. later skater.

tonight - fall out boy in philly!

jumbled schedule today on bhtizzle, as justin bryant, marino, and myself trek to philly to check out fall out boy and crew. i'm looking to sneak in the laptop for live photos and blog updates - and who knows, maybe i'll even get to talk with one of the four bands playing (cute is what we aim for, plain white t's, gym class heroes). the manager of fob is an su alum and good friend...

anywho, check out the vid for "i'm like a lawyer... (me & you)"

this weekend...


fellow armenian kim kardashian directs a semi-nude photo shoot that involves... her mom.

really, us armenians aren't all this crazy.

tmz on the death of kanye's mama.

click here to listen to tmz's michael hundgen report on the details surrounding the death of dr. donda west, mother of kanye.

conan's higher power stalker.

well, we never heard back from the archdiocese of boston regarding fr. david ajemian and his letters of admiration sent to a one conan o'brien. thankfully michael hundgen from tmz returned a call to talk about the entire incident.
click here to listen.


the weekend that was...

for the second straight weekend, i lived a life worth thirty-million words in the currency of photos, and still no digital camera.

the last friday night lights, the trip to syracuse and rochester... and no photographic proof of anything.

the reason?

a couple weeks ago while trying to hold fifteen things and accomplish another ten... i accidently dropped my digital camera while on with the lens "erected" (hehe). the camera hit the hardwood floor lens first, breaking the most important piece of the camera. for the second time, i had dropped my camera while on, with a crooked lens as the final product.

thankfully, i purchased the full accidental coverage plan from best buy. i dropped the broken photo taker off sunday, with a promise that it'd be repaired and shipped to my door within' a week and a half.

it's been a minute now. over three weeks to be exact. no correspondence. no camera. nothing.

i don't know what the geek squad is up to. you'd think - with best buy being a national store, and the geek squad comprised of a bunch of nerds, the work would be handled effectively and efficiently with regards to quality and time.

not so much i suppose.
nonetheless, i spent the weekend having all sorts of fun. after a long and eventful night at the woods, i spent saturday morning driving up to syracuse. first stop - wegmans (which also sells beer and stays open 24 hours). after a quick shower and wardrobe change, i ventured to the campus of my alma mater, syracuse university. amidst a copious amount of traffic due to the horrific football game and parents weekend, i somehow managed to find a parking spot right across from my destination, watson hall. for some reason, the parking gods always shine down on me when i arrive on the hill.

i spent the next 45 minutes in the darkroom with photographer extrordinaire pete jagdeo. wanna see the results? click here.

more running around - to delta sonic for a car wash, the rennaisance hotel for equipment set-up, a drive back to liverpool to pick up my little cousin, and another trip to the big dubs for some grub (nick and i love the asian food - he chows down on the bbq pork ribs, i opt for sushi and rice).

the night ended in usual syracuse fashion. after throwing down a set on the 20th floor of the rennaisance hotel for delta gamma's fall formal, i scurried to chuck's to rekindle my college days/meet up with friends. left at last call for my favorite all-night italian diner, barbieri's, and called it a night.

i snagged five hours of sleep at my aunt's. the day started early for a sunday, with a 10am breakfast appointment back at the rennaisance. my friend patrice innocenti's parents were in town, so we met up to catch up.

for those who don't know, patrice is the reason i ended up on msnbc four times last year. she's only a sophomore - i know, amazing. that's another post for another time.

the weekend of great company, food, and stories was in full tilt, with no sign of letting up. i left breakfast around noon to meet up with bht's own justin bryant. we headed up i-90 to rochester, his old stomping grounds, and about an hour and a half away from mine. there we settled for lots of not-so-healthy but oh-so-good grub, along with more catching up with old friends. plus, the bills won - four straight!

all in all, an amazing weekend - busy, but filled with one thing after another to look forward to. however thanks to best buy, no one will be looking back on any of it...

sad news regarding kanye's mother...

sad , sad news regarding the cause of death surrounding the passing of donda west, the mother of rapper/producer kanye. donda died over the weekend after complications from a surgery. michael hundgen from tmz joins me during the top 8 at 8 with the details. click here for the latest from tmz.