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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!


EXCLUSIVE: news on the conan-stalker.

another new england priest involved in a scandal. this time no underage boys involved - instead a grown man, 44 year-old late night talk show host conan o'brien. the late show tv personality and his alleged stalker both attended harvard university.

the priest caught up in this is 46 year-old david ajemian. fr. ajemian sent a number of disturbing letters to o'brien via his studios at 30 rock. you can check out the full lawsuit filed by o'brien's attorney here (tmz).

after a little research here at the ralphie radio show, we found out that fr. ajemian just joined st. patrick's parish in stoneham, mass. in july 2006. the AP reports that ajemian's co-horts thought of him as a likeable person.

a call to the parish proved inconclusive. the receptionist, who answered the phone just before 6pm est, could not offer a comment on the situation, instead asking us to contact the archdiocese of boston's communications department. she also threw a "no comment" our way when asked if in fact fr. ajemian still practiced at st. patrick's.

a call to the archdiocese's head of communications went unanswered. stay tuned...

j.lo states the obvious... finally.

scroll to :55 - would you really scream that loud for that long after hearing news about someone you don't even personally know announcing their pregnancy?


not such a hot thing for talib in the m-i-a.

my college roomie of a many years and i spoke tonight. he's currently a grad student at the university of miami - i know, tough life. anyways, he told me about a talib kweli concert he attended on campus for homecoming. aparently authorites cut the show short due to a noise ordinance in the area for outdoor performances after midnight.

kweli didn't take kindly to the news, throwing a fit and wrecking the stage in the process.

click here to check out the student newspaper's account of what went down.
p.s. - buy his song "hot thing" on itunes - produced by will.i.am. hotness!

breaking news regarding britney spears...

mtv news reports that billboard changed its mind - the eagles new cd will be allowed to count on charts, despite being sold exclusively at wal-mart. thus, unfitney debuts at numero dos...
tmz with new developments that k-fed wants brit back in court over drug testing...

maybe rihanna isn't so bad...

when marino met her - our afternoon supa-stah used a number of not-so-nice words to describe her vibe.

i'm making him take all of that stuff back.

nick hogan behind bars.

vitamins, milk, steroids, or prayers can't help nick hogan - the hulkster's son - at this point.
authorities arrested the wrestler's child under a number of charges. click here to see the press release (kudos to tmz for the document, perez for the photo).

kim disappoints me.

if i weren't happily taken, and she wasn't a hoe - i would love to take kim kardashian out for a little baklava and grape leaves.

the amateur porn star and i share an armenian heritage. and that's where our similarities end.

hump day started without something...

i set two alarms for a number of reasons.

first, i've been prone to sleep through one. sometimes both isn't enough - but that's once in a great while, after going beyond twenty-four hours without sleep.

the second - is that alarms are not human, but are not perfect either. sometimes the alarms don't fire off. other times, the power goes out.

cue this afternoon.

i set both my dresser-clock and my cell phone for 12:30. i awoke at 12:45 to my cell phone's extremely annoying ring tone. the gf cringes every time it rings. as i looked over to my clock, i noticed something peculiar.

there were no digits on the display - just a blank stare.

a quick perusing of the room and the apartment building led me to the unfortunate news that the building lacked power. bummer - considering i needed to shave and shower for an early meeting here at the bht world headquarters.

instead - i carefully brushed my teeth, threw on some clothes, and moped in here. ever try squeezing toothpaste onto the brush in the dark? not an easy task my friend.

i'm going to jet home real quick, grab the laptop and dinner, and come back for more blogging fun.

power permitting - i might even shower.


classic cassie...

you remember her from me & u fame two summers ago - cassie's back with a hot track called "is it you?" - i'll be spinning it tonight just before 8.

meanwhile, i stole this pic from her myspace page. lol.

happy 20th birthday to...

kevin of jonas brothers fame!

k-fed needs the pop tart to pay up.

this really shouldn't come as a surprise. kevin federline is broke. his average annual income is about $20,000. his legal fees - eight times that.

so now the single father of four is asking britney to pay his legal fees. and a judge has obliged, ordering unfitney to pony up $120,000 for k-fed and his lawyer, mark vincent kaplan.

tmz obtained all of the unshocking documents, which you can read here.

jessica simpson - manhattan amateur.

even when my girlfriend and i walk down broadway, we know she can't walk on the grates with her heels. silly jessica.

celine let the dogs out.

this is just priceless.


and here they come...

the copious amount of pictures from last weekend shenanigans (this weekend's ailments left me shenanigan-less).

for the words that go with the pictures, click here.


katie holmes finishing up the new york city marathon - 26 miles and all.

and i'm sure she accomplished this au naturale - as hubby/scientologist guru tom cruise would have it no other way...

paris gets gangsta in t-dot.

tmz's michael hundgen joined the show thursday night (11.01) with the details on paris hilton's run-in with a canadian adult store. (hundgen can be seen weekdays on "tmz tv", airing at 6:30p on channel 38 the cw. )

click here for the details.

i know, i know.

so, let's start out by stating the now obvious - i'm still alive.

maybe you were inclined to think otherwise after realising that i was absent from the airwaves friday night, and absent from this blog since late thursday. it's been one heck of a weekend, as i've been way south of the weather.

thanks for understanding, and of course, thanks for the love. tons of pics from halloween weekend shenanigans as well as more frivolous celeb chatter on the way.

- ralphie.