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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!



ALLACCESS.com wrote a quick piece on the story involving me informing TMZ that Sarah Palin was using a song by Bon Jovi at her rally.

Thank you to Joel and Dave - as well as TMZ's Leslie Harris!

Listen to the story at this link:

Also, listen to the Joel Madden interview at this link:

2007 weekender MOTY jen smith...

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Jen is still crying... wtf.

The Weekender's Man & Model of the Year Party is Friday, Oct. 17 inside The Grand Ballroom of The Woodlands - Route 315 in Plains.

TMZ: diddy's decibel problem...

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Apparently Diddy didn't hear the cops telling him to turn his music down... because, the music was too loud. TMZ's Leslie Harris filled in Ralphie...

Catch Leslie on TMZ TV - Weekdays at 6 on Channel 38 - The CW.


EXCLUSIVE: Natalie Portman to call Ralphie Monday at 7 P.M. on 97 BHT!



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Bon Jovi thinks Sarah Palin gives him a bad name... and it all started with an IM from BHT's Ralphie Aversa to TMZ's Leslie Harris...

Catch Leslie on TMZ TV - Weekdays at 6 on Channel 38 - The CW.
Read TMZ's article here.
View more from Gov. Palin's visit to Scranton here.

licking the lollipop.

it only took stephanie from hazelton 1 minute 30 seconds to send me a photo of her with two lollipops in her mouth. her quickness scored her two tickets to the lil wayne show at the wachovia arena on oct. 29.

thanks to everyone who entered. some other notables...

mom's in the background and has no idea what's going on.

i wouldn't put that in my mouth for anything.

love the urgency - didn't even wait to leave the store! sorry you didn't win though :(


DAILY DOWNLOAD: new plies...

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10.14.08 : Plies - Put It On Ya

EXCLUSIVE: daily show's john oliver...

Daily Show's John Oliver w/ Ralphie Aversa on Scranton!

lee greenwood liiiiiiiiiive!

Lee Greenwood sings "God Bless The U.S.A."

PALIN: innocent or flub?

Governor Palin - Innocent Comments or Flubs?

EXCLUSIVE: good charlotte's joel madden...

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Good Charlotte's Joel Madden called in to The Ralphie Radio Show on behalf of Senator and Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama!


pictures from palin's visit.

bunch more here.

palin event is over...

went by rather quickly, she signed copious amounts of autographs and bounced. here's the aftermath...

would love to know who authorized the use of a song by obama-supporter bon jovi...

daily show strikes!!!

jon stewart's clan is here - and causing a raucous on the risers right now!!! like i said on the radio, this borders on the surreal.

john oliver is on the scene...

palin on stage

she brought lee greenwood with him, who sang the national anthem and "god bless america."

after calling her husband todd alaska's "first dude," - she's now outlining john mccain's economic plan.

i'd love to share pictures and video, but i'm literally typing on my lap right now, surrounded by photogs.

wbre denied...

ran in to andy mahalchik on my way in... apparently i'm not the only one who was denied media parking... 

problem for him was, he was in wbre's live truck.

"i'll cover the event, if they let me park somewhere!" he sarcastically told me en route to a parking lot.

i hear people are sneaking in to the glider diner lot...

live from the palin event

i wish i could show you where i am right now.

stuck here sitting on the top rung of a huge riser, smooshed in between local television and radio media alike, awaiting a one sarah palin.

national press just arrived. everyone's wearing red. pleace is a mad house. i had to park at farmer's market. 

more to come soon...

RALPHIE REPORT: brandy's back, casey speaks...

After a tumultuous two years filled with trials and tribulations, R&B singer Brandy Norwood can settle.

Better known by her first name only, the songstress called in to The Ralphie Radio Show last week, touching on a plethora of topics – from her new song and its relation to the aforementioned tribulations to Kim Kardashian and Dancing With The Stars.

Brandy’s first single from her forthcoming LP Human is titled “Right Here (Departed).” Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins penned the track. His current credits include PCD’s “When I Grow Up” and Natasha Bedingfield’s “Angel.”

“Workin’ with him this go-round, felt like the old Brandy and Rodney,” the 29-year old said. “Darkchild’s” past projects include the Grammy-award winning “The Boy Is Mine” and “What About Us.”

But the track signals more than a reunion between artist and writer, or a comeback of sorts for Brandy. The singer revealed that her 2006 car crash and publicized issues thereafter were the song’s inspiration.“One of the reasons why I recorded the song is because I relate to it so much,” she said. “So many amazing people have come in to my life that I could learn from… and I’ll always be there for them.”

Back in December ’06 – Brandy was involved in a four-car accident that claimed the life of one person. Eye-witnesses blamed the singer for triggering the crash – however no drugs or alcohol were involved. Subsequently, no charges were filed.

This coincided with the release of a sex tape featuring her little brother and fellow singer Ray-J with Kardashian, followed by allegations that the Kardashians stole money from Brandy’s family.

“I don’t want to talk about Kim,” Brandy said, clearly annoyed. I simply inquired if she saw the realty TV star on Dancing With The Stars. Brandy did not, nor would she ever compete on the show.

But, in an age where everyone is trying to be something or someone they are not, just to gain money and/or notoriety, Brandy’s frankness regarding her lack-of-dancing skills was quite refreshing.


More refreshing was an elected official willing to speak with a reporter who works for local media outlets catering to younger voters. I’ve covered a handful of presidential election events, and for the most part – both politicians and press secretaries alike have been less than accommodating.

Senator Bob Casey does not fall into that category. The Keystone State’s junior senator expressed his satisfaction with the youth vote last Sunday – after a rally in Scranton that featured Senator Joe Biden along with former President Bill Clinton and his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton.

“To say that we’re going to have a record turnout among younger voters in this general election is an understatement,” Sen. Casey explained. “I’ve never seen anything like it in American history.”

Casey is encouraged by both the amount of young voters and their motives.

“It’s affirmative, not negative,” Casey continued. “(The youth) are saying, ‘I’m voting for Barack Obama because I believe in him, not because I’m voting against John McCain.”
Ralphie Aversa can be heard weeknights from 7p-12a on 97 BHT.

EXCLUSIVE: chris matthews/producer blow me off...

it seems as if chris matthews mentions scranton in every show. so you'd think the "hardball" host wouldn't get soft with the local media, while visiting the city... right?

the pennsylvania-born tv host interviewed sen. joe biden after sunday's rally with former president bill clinton and senator hillary clinton. listen to the audio and figure out what really went on.

i would be blown off another time - and not granted an inning or two of "hardball."

matthews did have plenty of time to sign autographs and take photos with adoring fans at the rally, so it wasn't as if i bothered him while he was prepping for a segment/interview.


Good Charlotte's Joel Madden calls exclusively in to The Ralphie Radio Show on behalf of Senator and Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama! Tonight at 7P on 97 BHT!

DAILY DOWNLOAD: luda/t-pizzle...

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10.13.08 : Ludacris f. T-Pain - One More Drink

SENATOR BOB CASEY on the youth vote...

Download the mp3
Scranton native and Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey talks with Ralphie Aversa about the youth vote in this year's Presidential Election.

Senator Casey spoke with Ralphie after a rally in Scranton with Vice Presidential Candidate and Senator Joe Biden, as well as former President Bill Clinton and his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton.


mccain camp quickly responds...

from the mccain-palin camp:

“Angry Joe Biden today riled up his crowd with fictitious claims about John McCain. For an Obama-Biden campaign spending more money on negative advertising than any campaign in history, red-faced Joe Biden shouted and cursed but couldn’t shake Obama’s job-killing prescription of higher taxes and bigger government. Like most of ole Joe’s pitches and tall tales, Biden’s claims for energy independence through clean coal are at odds with his record.  It was just last month that he adamantly claimed an Obama-Biden administration would say ‘no’ to clean coal plants in America. His reversal today on clean coal is one more fib from ole Joe.” – Ben Porritt McCain-Palin spokesman.

not sure if i would characterize biden as angry... definitely loud and adamant though.
about to leave the riverfront sports complex now... chris matthews and his producers have blown me off a solid three times. the tv host is currently chatting it up with sen. bob casey - who i did speak with and who you'll hear from tomorrow night on the ralphie radio show.

chris matthews in the building...

trying to get a word with him...

Internet is no longer working...

I'm blaming the national press. Blogging from the bberry. Field coordinators are on the stage speaking.

Mayor Doherty came on, introduced Sen. Casey. Crowd is riled up.

national press just arrived...

just said hello to nbc's ron allen... music is fading... sen. bob casey is here as well... looks like the program is getting underway. last i checked, we were priming for a 3:15 start... by golly - it's 2:36 and we might actually start on time.

"prayer/blessing" just ended... really weird... people were cheering during the speech... aren't we supposed to remain solumn for it?

pledge just ended as well... i'm going to roam around...

bad news from the rally...

just spoke with sean smith, obama's spokesperson for pennslyvania. despite my audience of 100,000 people and my connection with him as a syracuse alum, it appears i won't be speaking with sen. joe biden this afternoon. 

in all fairness, i will say the obama camp has accomodated me more so than the mccain camp. let's put it like this - david letterman wasn't the only person duped by mccain's media people.

anywho, more updates on the way. btw, the clintons are staying at the radisson downtown, saw a number of armored SUVs and state troopers outside en route to the sports complex.

live from the biden/clinton scranton rally...