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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!



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10.30.08 : The Cab - Bounce

Ralphie Speaks w/ Alex & Ian from The Cab!

EXCLUSIVE: matt damon!

Matt Damon called to talk newspapers, Barack Obama, and Bourne 4 with Ralphie - exclusively on 97 BHT.

Part 1: What Matt Reads, The Economy/Taxes

Part 2: Education, Middle Class, Bourne 4

EXCLUSIVE: howie from backstreet boys...

Backstreet's Back on Saturday 11/1 at the Wachovia Arena, and Howie told Ralphie what to expect regarding the show and the new CD to be released next year - a Lil Wayne collab?

Part 1: The Tour, The New CD (w/ Ryan Tedder, T-Pain, Akon, & Lil Wayne)

Part 2: Thoughts on the end of MTV's TRL

big news: bsb may team up with t-pain, akon, and weezy for new LP, and howie won't uneqivocally shoot down rumor about members of the group lobbying to viacom execs for TRL to stay on-air.

EXCLUSIVE: weezy's last second demand...

if it weren't for logan's roadhouse, the lil wayne show at the wachovia arena might not have been a reality.

while the "alledged" conflicts centered around sound systems and medal detectors in rochester and boston respectively, a steak dinner and a hungry hip-hop artist almost pulled the curtains closed on this event.

apparently only a half hour away from reaching the venue, wayne's people phoned in to wachovia. their demand: a well-done steak dinner awaiting for the "lollipop" artist. mission complete: the show goes on. mission fail: no performance.

petty from a guy making $210,000 - but with a-list artists these days, i can't say i'm surprised.

weezy's management specified that if any "pink" were to be found in this steak, the mission would be considered failed.

logan's roadhouse rose to the occasion, delivering a hot, well-done steak dinner, complete with baked potato - in a record 10 minutes.

so if you're reading this, and you're dinner took about 55 - you now know why. blame the self-proclaimed "greatest rapper alive."

call wayne petty - but do not call him ungrateful. weezy informed the staff that it was "one of the best meals he's ever had" - and after the show raved about the arena and the fans that packed it.
of course, this would not be lil wayne's last meal in nepa - as his crew made a stop after the show at denny's.

and who paid for the rushed meal? no one - as logan's was so honored to cook for wayne, that they would not accept payment from the arena.


EXCLUSIVE: scoop on weezy.

So here's the scoop - Lil Wayne's excuses as to why he would not perform in Rochester and Boston are essentially bullshit. Why would Wayne not comply with rules in two big media markets, yet follow all the rules in Wilkes-Barre, PA?


Weezy pulled in a quick $210,000 for last night's show at the Wachovia Arena. Whereas the shows in Rochester and Boston were for radio stations, booked by the labels. "Radio shows" usually pay expenses and not much more. Some stations will work out a deal where the headlining artist receives a cut or all of the door - but that is rare.

Just to furthen the point - Weezy complained of a subpar soundsystem in Rochester. Yet, the system was good enough for other performers that night, including T-Pain and Ludacris.

In Boston, the story revolved around mandatory medal detectors. My source who works security at Wachovia Arena told me Wayne would be subjected to the same preresequites to enter the venue in PA. Apparently, he did.

BTW - After leaving Wachovia Arena with 2 groupies, Weezy and company made a quick stop at the local Denny's. Wayne himself did not enter, instead sending his manager to snag a menu, place his order, and bring his food back to the bus.

TMZ: weezy's no-shows.

Download the mp3
With Lil Wayne scheduled to perform that night in Wilkes-Barre, Ralphie had TMZ's Leslie Harris clarify a few previous events regarding Weezy not performing concerts.

Catch Leslie on TMZ TV - Weekdays at 6 on Channel 38 - The CW.


EXCLUSIVE: weezy f...

No interview with him...

Inside. Heard soundcheck for mr. carter, lollipop, a milli, and back that thang up.

Weezy is making $210,000 to play this show.

Rumor is that he's in the area, and actually stopped at the starbucks near the arena... to use the bathroom.

More soon, i hope.

RALPHIE REPORT: sex and the sequel.

Well Sex and the City fans – a sequel to the box office hit looks likely.

Actress Cynthia Nixon, who portrays lawyer Miranda Hobbes, told me exclusively that filming could commence in 2009.

“We are definitely talking about it,” said Nixon. “Our hope is, if everything keeps moving forward, we would maybe start shooting summer of next year.”

In the meantime, Nixon passes her time by campaigning for Presidential Candidate Barack Obama. But the Broadway and Silver Screen star had a message specific to those in Scranton who supported Senator Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Presidential Primary.
“Think to yourself, ‘What would Hillary do?’ Hillary would vote for Barack Obama.”

Nixon and I also spoke about gay marriage – and the recent comments by Governor Sarah Palin on a constitution ban of same-sex weddings. The statements didn’t sit well with Nixon, who is an outted lesbian.

The actress is outspoken about Breast Cancer. Nixon is this year’s ambassador for the Susan G. Komen For The Cure Foundation. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Nixon credits her survival of the disease to early detection and her doctor’s flexible schedule.

“I didn’t miss any performances, I had my surgery on a Sunday,” revealed Nixon, who starred on Broadway at the time. She completed her treatments during the show’s run.

If you ever receive the honor to work on set with Nixon, I’d recommend a great excuse before you try calling in sick.


I found myself a bit jealous of Chris Wallace last week.

Wallace fronts The White Tie Affair – a band signed to Epic Records with a single called, “Candle (Sick and Tired).” It is a relatable, catchy track that gained notoriety when MTV’s The Hills featured it.

Enter my envy.

“I met Audrina, maybe a year ago – cause she works at Epic,” said Wallace – who went on to describe Patridge as “genuine.”

Obviously he was not referring to any of Audrina’s hills. Wallace seemed more intrigued with Lauren Conrad, but assured me that his band would not make any non-musical cameos on the show.
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DAILY DOWNLOAD: exclusive lady gaga...

probably the coolest ish ever... lady gaga/kardinal offishall/akon... a hot track that shouts out both my first and last names as well as my hometown.

10.28.08 : Lady Gaga f. Kardinal Offishall - Just Dance (Ralphie Aversa Remix)

Lady Gaga talks with Ralphie!
On "Just Dance" & the Ralphie Aversa remix

On The Fame and being famous, plus being emo

EXCLUSIVE: edie falco - carmela soprano!

Download the mp3
Edie Falco called in to talk about The Sopranos, politics, and beating breast cancer.


vote however you like...

last weekend i sang, "sex is like riding your biiiikkkkkkkeeee" to the tune of t.i.'s "whatever you like." needless to say, i feel a bit immature after watching these kids from atlanta...

DAILY DOWNLOAD: lovin' new FOB...

Check back every weeknight to listen to Ralphie's "Daily Download" - the one song you should have on your iTunes playlist!

10.27.08 : Fall Out Boy - America's Suitehearts

i think this will be my favorite track off their new cd...

helping fall out boy break a guinness record...

just when you think the week cannot escalate anymore...

from the entertainment news on the front of 97bht.com...

"The members of Fall Out Boy are trying to break a Guinness World Record. "People" magazine reports the band's frontman Patrick Stump and bassist Pete Wentz aim to conduct the most amount of radio interviews in the space of 24 hours. The current record stands at 57 stations in one day. The pair will attempt the challenge this Friday, October 31st, beginning at 3 a.m. Pacific time at Premiere Studios in Los Angeles. The group also looks forward to the release of their new album "Folie A Deux," due in stores December 16th."

yes, pete and/or patrick will be phoning in this friday... stay tuned for details...

EXCLUSIVE: ellen pompeo - meredith grey!

Ellen Pompeo took a break from her job as "Meredith Grey" at Seattle Grace to talk with Ralphie about Italian food, the paparazzi, politics, and the Grey's Anatomy!

Part 1: Scranton, Italian Food, Paparazzi, Obama/Iraq

Part 2: Obama/Taxes, Meeting Obama, Will Derek & Meredith Wed?


thinking pink...

YES it is still october - YES that means it is still breast cancer awareness month - and YES - you should be donating time and/or money to charities like the susan g. komen for the cure foundation. 

i found myself last friday afternoon on the campus of the university of scranton for an event called, "thinking pink." big thanks to everyone who swung through - the komen foundation, and all my new friends at the uuuuuuuuuuu.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: pittston @ meyers...

a beautiful night at w-b memorial stadium...

much love to everyone at pittston - definitely pullin' for them to make the playoffs - good luck this friday!



Last week, Ralphie brought you exclusive interviews with Maggie Gyllenhaal, Cynthia Nixon, Varsity Fanclub, Jake T. Austin, & The White Tie Affair...

So what's in store for this week?


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