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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!


EXCLUSIVE: JBar Reveals How He Got In A 'Daze' And Soulja Boy's Summer Tour

It’s possible that the respect between artists Drake and Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em may grow from a musical collaboration to a full-out tour.

“The summer Soulja Boy hittin’ his first headlining tour,” said fellow SOD Money Gang artist JBar on “The Ralphie Radio Show” Thursday. “They gettin’ the other acts together right now… I heard Drake, that’s the only name I’ve heard so far.”

Drizzy first paid Soulja a compliment last June on “The RRS,” anointing the rapper, “the smartest artist of our generation, period.”

““Whether it’s him, whether it’s his team around him, whoever has the thoughts to do the things he does, is genius,” said Drake. Soulja Boy would later download the interview from “The RRS” blog and upload it to his own YouTube account.

Later that summer, on opening night of the America’s Most Wanted Music Festival, Soulja returned the praise while speaking with me on his tour bus.

Part 1: The Making of "Daze"

Part 2: DJ Woogie, Twitter, Soulja Boy's Summer Tour

“Drake is a real dude. Most rappers, they don’t like to give the other rappers props,” Soulja Boy said in July. “He showed me my respect. Drake is a good artist.”

JBar says it’s possible, and that they’re looking in to it at the moment.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta-emcee is on his own tour, promoting the first single from his self-titled, debut LP, “Daze.” JBar wrote the track while in a state of reflection on Soulja Boy’s tour bus – everyone else aboard was sleeping.

“After I wrote the song, I didn’t tell anybody I wrote it,” he revealed, noting he originally penned the track in December 2008. “I didn’t let nobody hear it until I got back home on Christmas Eve and I had recorded it.”

While hanging out in the studio, he played the demo for the producer of the beat, SuperCed. Once the producer heard JBar sing the hook, he immediately asked the rapper to hop in the booth and cut it. JBar took it to Soulja on Christmas – who also fell in love with the song on the first listen. The head of SOD Money Gang laid down his verse, and JBar had his first single.

“I didn’t really think it was gonna be a song, like a single,” JBar explained when asked why he initially didn’t tell anyone about it. “I thought it was just some song I was writing… turned out to be more than that.”

JBar’s debut album drops this spring.

Happy April Fools Day From Google, Starbucks, The Bieber

Loved Google's name change to Topeka.
Also loved Starbucks' new drink sizes (maybe I did wish that there really was a Plenta).
But once again, The Bieber takes the cake.

TMZ'S DAX: Rachel Uchitel's 10 Million Reasons To Shush Up

Download the interview

TMZ calls her the pilgrim mistress - yes the media uncovered Rachel Uchitel's exploits with Tiger Woods before any of the other alleged affairs. Now according to TMZ's Dax, Uchitel won't be saying a word, for 10 million different reasons.

Catch Dax on TMZ TV, local listings here.


RRS EXCLUSIVE: Flo Rida Sustains Spontaneous Formula For New LP; Praises Ke$ha

After speaking with rapper Flo Rida for a little over ten minutes on “The Ralphie Radio Show” Wednesday, the only certain thing is that most of what the emcee accomplishes is rooted, no pun intended, in uncertainty.

“I’m just a guy who works at the spur of the moment,” explained Flo, real name Tramar Dillard. “I’m very spontaneous when creating, so you never know.”

So I’ll save you the suspense now: if you’re wondering who Flo Rida will be collaborating with on his third LP, well I don’t know, and given that the track listing isn’t set in stone, he wouldn’t let on. He revealed the record is “three or four” songs away from completion.

Flo did link up again with T-Pain for “Zoosk Girl”, which his camp is calling a “teaser single” for the album, which yes, does carry a title: The Only 1. Will this new record contain samples and elements from older songs – with a new twist by the “Low” and “Right Round” rapper? See above.
Download the interview

Speaking of “Right Round”, Flo also doesn’t know if the new LP will feature another collab with Ke$ha, who sang the hook of the first single on R.O.O.T.S. before she became known for brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack. But, the Florida-born artist offers nothing but high praises for the pop star.

“Most definitely (I’m) excited, happy for her,” said Flo. “She’s blessed to have her own situation, so shout out to Ke$ha.”

Flo Rida didn’t rule out another track with her, adding that he wouldn’t mind teaming up again.

It seems that if the emcee plans anything ahead of time, it’s his charity work. Flo founded “Big Dreams For Kids” about a year ago. The rapper returns to the projects in Carol City, Florida to donate time and money through appearances and events – one which would be held this weekend. Flo took a break from planning the function in his office to chat on “The RRS.”

“I was inspired by different people coming to my projects and giving their word on how you could become successful if you sacrifice, put God first, and everything,” he explained. “You know I’m always staying positive, and I’m working.”

He may love bringing that sense of uncertainty to the studio, but clearly Flo Rida’s accomplishments thus far are due to his priorities, which certainly are in order.



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The Wingman advises that blocks come in all shapes and sizes.

Visit The Wingman MySpace, Facebook, & Twitter.

Think Twice Before You Kiss Your Baby On The Lips

Parents, did you know you could give your baby cavities through the sharing of saliva? Kissing, sharing food... according to this article from MSNBC.com, be mindful of it!

Maroon 5's Adam Levine Gives Away Sir Paul Tix Via Twitter

I’m sure it’s happened to you at some point or another: you have tickets to a big show, but you can’t attend because you’re stuck at work. Even celebrities fall victim to this... enter Adam Levine.

Paul McCartney played the Hollywood Bowl last night, and the Maroon 5 lead singer scored tickets. But, according to the singer’s Twitter update, Levine was stuck in the studio.

You could only imagine what he was working on there if it warranted passing up Sir Paul.

Anyways, Levine followed that up with, “If you love Sir Paul as much as I do. Meet me at the chevron on the corner of la brea and sunset. Tickets await. Hurry.”

You’re a little skeptical of meeting up with Maroon 5’s front man at a gas station on Sunset Boulevard? Please, don’t be.

“P.S. I'm dead serious. He goes on in twenty minutes at the Hollywood bowl...,” tweeted Levine. “Let me reiterate this is not a hoax. Whoever gets there let me know and we will come make the hand-off.”

He later specified that the winner would be required to sing one non-Beatles McCartney tune. Less than an hour after his initial Twitter update, Levine gave away his tickets.

“Just handed over the tickets to a lovely young lady,” he said via Twitter. “The giveaway is over...she seemed so happy!!!”

Certainly that lovely young lady has a story for the ages… but I still want to know what Levine was working on. Maroon 5’s next album is untitled, and scheduled for a June release.


EXCLUSIVE: Train Confirms Tour With Mayer, Talks Possible Orianthi Collab

In an interview that aired Monday on “The Ralphie Radio Show” – the band Train confirmed that they’ll hit the road this summer with John Mayer.

“I think we might be back (in Northeast PA), with John,” confirmed lead singer Pat Monahan. “I think we’re gonna do a handful of dates with him in this part of the country. We’re really excited about that.”

The tour revelation is just another chapter in the on-going saga of the San Francisco trio’s comeback. After a three year hiatus – Train released Save Me San Francisco last year. “C.S.I. New York” featured the band along with the single, “Hey, Soul Sister.” Radio picked up on it soon after – and now the Train is traveling the country again, selling out theaters, with plans yonder.

“Radio really did everything for us,” Monahan said. “C.S.I. kinda took it to a different place.”
Download the inteview

But the group is embracing both traditional media and social networking sites, such as Twitter. Train revealed that all three members update the official Twitter page, while guitarist Jimmy Stafford noted that such things are now a necessity.

“It’s a different world now,” Stafford said. “People buy their music on-line, and it’s a whole new way for us to stay in touch with our fans.”

The comeback brings a group of fresh fans from a new generation or music lovers and artists, alike. Recently in an interview with MTV News, Orianthi counted herself as one of those Train supporters.

“That’s really cool – you know what I think is happening is we’re all kind of fans of each other these days,” remarked Monahan. “We want each other to do well. Orianthi is an amazing talent, and were psyched for her too. So yunno instead of, ‘Hey man, she’s taking up my space on the CD case,’ it’s like, ‘Let’s do something together!’”

So who knows, maybe a Train/Orianthi collaboration is right around the corner? But, surely Train doesn’t have to worry about Orianthi taking their space on a compact disc case… now iPod space – that could be a different story.


EXCLUSIVE: Boys Like Girls Talk Touring, Late Night Shows, Metro Station Break-Up

The bands were managed by the same company, recorded with the same label, and fell under the same genre of pop-rock filling mainstream radio. So maybe it’s only right that Boys Like Girls front-man Martin Johnson shed some light on the recent break-up of Metro Station.

“Trace (Cyrus) kicked every member out of the band,” replied Johnson, referring to Miley’s older brother and Metro Station’s lead singer, after I asked him about the alleged break-up. “That’s all I have to say about that.”

Rumors began circulating of Metro Station’s demise following the cancellation of a college date at Towson University. Cyrus along with Mason Musso later announced the band would be placed on an “indefinite hiatus.” Soon after, Cyrus announced via his Twitter page that he would still release music with a new band.

Johnson, along with BLG band mates John Keefe and Brian Donahue, called in to “The Ralphie Radio Show” last week. The Boston-based quartet (Paul DiGiovanni was not on the line) was in Los Angeles, amidst a flurry of promotion for the latest single from Love Drunk called “Heart Heart Heartbreak.”
Download the inteview

Ralphie with Martin and Paul from Boys Like Girls, Nov. 2009

“We cashed in our one auto-tune card,” joked Johnson about the vocal effects heard on the new single. Boys Like Girls filmed the music video for the song on the West Coast. The group also appeared at the Kids Choice Awards, stopped by Seventeen Magazine, and performed on “Lopez Tonight.” Donahue noted the experience on the new George Lopez show differed from the band’s other late night TV cameos.

“It’s so relaxed,” said the bassist. “By the green room, George has Astroturf… it’s set-up like a putting green. You can work on your short game before you go on TV.”

Who knows when the guys will have any time for golf. The band is prepping for another promo run, and then "The Bamboozle Road Show." The tour includes Good Charlotte and Third Eye Blind. If any date on BLG’s calendar is circled, it would be June 27 – when the tour hits the Comcast Center near Boston. Keefe grew up in Mansfield, MA – the actual town of the venue. He didn’t have to join a band to grace the stage there either.

“I graduated on that stage,” the drummer reminisced. “My first show there, I saw David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails. That will always be a big thing for me.”

TMZ'S DAX: Tiger Preps For 'The Masters'

Download the inteview

TMZ's Dax checked in to chat about footage TMZ obtained of Tiger Woods practicing for The Masters. TMZ also reported later in the evening that Tiger recently shot a new commercial for Nike.

Catch Dax on TMZ TV, local listings here.

8 Celebrity Hubby's Caught 'Cheating Down... Way Down'

A retrospective, if you will. You will? Then click here (Pop Rox Nation).

Die Laughing Now Courtesy Of Chris Rock

You heard it on-air, and yes, it's true: Chris Rock could read your eulogy. Equally morbid and hilarious.

Click through here for more. The release of the movie was pushed up to April 16.

Eating Out Will Never, Ever Be The Same

I'd write something here, but NBC's Brian Williams sums it up so succinctly below...

3 Easy Ways To Score Free Drinks (College Candy)

College Candy posted an article describing the three easiest methods of obtaining a free drink or four at a local watering hole near you...

- Bachelorette Party
- 21st Birthday
- Bad Break Up

Maybe flirting as a fourth?

VIDEO: Train Live At The Trolley Station!

97 BHT did it again - another priceless experience with your favorite artists!

Train performed on Friday, March 26 at The Lackawanna County Electric City Trolley Station & Museum located on the Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, powered by Tobyhanna Federal Credit Union, Columbia Records, and 97 BHT!