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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!


the wingman hits the campaign trail...

you heard james holeva - aka the wingman - along with other local filmmakers on the show last friday. hopefully you had a chance to check out the community film project's event last weekend at the endless mountains movie theater. but now, the wingman needs your help. watch the video below...

and vote for it (click the vote button, then click "funny" - not "die". the wingman ensured me good weekend creepin' karma will come your way.


dvr's save tv shows, real-life relationships...

these studies always make me laugh, read on.

eight reasons to NOT make lurve.

figured my friends back in dorms at kings, wilkes, etc. could use this...

explanations at the link... but here are the eight...

1.) revenge.
2.) ego gratification.
3.) appliance envy.
4.) weight loss.
5.) clarity.
6.) mercy.
7.) quid pro quo.
8.) fame by association.


DAILY DOWNLOAD : ne-yo - miss independent.

Check back every weeknight to listen to Ralphie's "Daily Download" - the one song you should have on your iTunes playlist!

09.02.08 : Ne-Yo - Miss Independent

Year Of The Gentleman drops September 16th.


a select picture from the weekend... converse outlet... niagara falls.

what more could i ask for?

new heidi song... oh joy...

this one's called "the party's wherever i am."

when does this end?

miley targeted nick in "7 things"...

so apparently this...

is about this...

details on everything from the dirty socks to diabetes necklace is here.

labor day photos...

only saturday night and sunday afternoon, due to the battery in my camera dying...

facebook album is here.
p.s. - that's my nephew - the coolest dude i know, and a diehard yankees fan.