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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!


covering senator mccain - the mini doc...

this is my first extended video piece. it documents my day covering john mccain's visit to wilkes-barre - staff blunders, secret service encounters, and itinerary changes included.

jobs that impress women...

do you agree with this? find out the careers that could put your sex life in high gear here.

six worst foods for bikini body...

might find this helpful - afterall, who doesn't want to finish summer off strong? the grub you should just say no to here.

britney's mom kills...

the national enquirer uncovered a story regarding lynne spears accidentally killing a 12 year old boy. can't make this stuff up. read the story, complete with confirmation from lynne's rep, here.

pictures of senator mccain's visit...

more here.


we interupt this election coverage...

to bring you something hilarious, if you haven't seen already...

now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

McCain in the rain...

Outside of Boscov's, waiting for John McCain to exit the Westmoreland Club, where the candidate's $250-a-plate fundraiser is taking place.

The senator finished up his town hall around 11:15, standing on stage for about an hour. He arrived on Franklin aboard "The Straight Talk Express" bus at 12:20.

Next up - a drive to Allentown and a flight to New Orleans.

You really don't know what covering a candidate is like until you actually do it. Press secretaries, secret service, inclimate weather, local & national press unequally sharing unmarked territories... a stressful hot mess if you ask me.

update from the mccain townhall...

traveling press just arrived on the scene. these people are like insects - everything is calm, and suddenly they burst in and swarm the risers. senator mccain is in downtown wilkes-barre. after the townhall meeting, it's off to the westmoreland club for a ritsy fundraiser. i'll be heading over now that the press avail is cancelled. wish me luck, as i try to have senator mccain answer a few questions about everything from higher education affordability to the hills.

doors opened to the public at 8a, and this place isn't near full. very surprising, and i'm sure disappointing for the mccain camp.

live from mccain's meeting at the kirby...


lots to catch you up on - but let's get to today's big story in the area - the arrival of senator john mccain to nepa. i'm currently typing on my laptop in the f.m. kirby center over the "johnmccain1" wireless network. things haven't gone exactly as planned, truth be told, never does.

in today's instance, the press were informed that load-in would be in between 6-7a, with a secret service sweep of the building happening at 7. no cameras or equipment allowed after the sweep begins.

i arrive at 6:30, and to the chagrin of myself and a few other press, the sweep "began early." however, a mccain staffer informs us that the press will receive preferential treatment when doors open at 8, no line, and equipment will be allowed.

i burned an hour outside, walked through just before 8, and am now sitting on the third of four levels on this riser. the only national media i've noticed is hbo - which has two camerapeople filming a documentary on the election.

lots of material on the way, in the forms of writing, pictures, audio, and video - with bhtizzle's new video camera! let's hope the final product warrents the exclamation point.

afterall, nothing happens as planned - sen. mccain's 11:45 press avail, where he would have spoken to the media exclusively, is already cancelled.


the hills season 4 trailer...

i think the hills should just relocate to nyc. call it "the hamptons" and cast me as a guest to date whitney port? no. okay. anyways, enjoy,