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Interviewing celebrities, breaking national stories, blogging daily, and offering candid commentary on pop culture is just a small sample of what he does. Ralphie Aversa is the relentless, tireless, non-stop-always-go host and executive producer of “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Check out his links above, and his blog below - and thanks for swinging through!


The End Of An Era

I'll try to make this brief, and not too sappy.

Effective immediately, ralphieaversa.blogspot.com will no longer be an active blog. I've moved my content to Wordpress and the newly revamped ralphieaversa.com.

I think for now, I'll be leaving this site up solely for archiving purposes. All blog posts here are imported on to the new site, which is still a work in progress however live and functioning at the moment.

Thank you for visiting, and please, head on over to the brand new RALPHIEAVERSA.COM!



TMZ'S NICKI FERTILE: Speidi Divorce Set For Valentine's Day 2011

Download the segment

TMZ's Nicki Ferilte insists that the divorce between Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag is real, citing a number of different occurances as to why.

Catch Nicki on TMZ TV, local listings here.


RT America: Weighing In On 'Snooki-Mania'

I was happy to accept an invitation from Alyona Minkovski to appear on her show, "The Alyona Show", which streams live at 6 p.m. world wide on RT.com/USA and airs in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.

Alyona and I spoke about the emergence of MTV's "Jersey Shore", specifically "Snooki", as a symbol for America, and what it might say about our country and its culture to those who don't live here.

Big thanks as well to Patrice Innocenti for helping to book the segment!


CNN Headline News: Chatting About Fake Deaths, Facebook, and The Bieber

On Tuesday evening I was honored to be invited back to CNN Headline News' "Prime News", with newly minted host Vinnie Politan. The panel of four I joined conversed about a plethora of topics - from Justin Bieber to a man in Salem, MA that faked his death to escape a traffic violation (can't make this stuff up).

Funny behind-the-scenes story: I was only briefed on ONE (the Salem story) of the four topics that were discussed. So, on live national TV, I had to be quick on my feet. Very, very quick.

Some of the highlights are below:

Big thanks again to CNN HLN for having me on!


New 'RRS' Logo Needed...

Last week I tweeted about this, but for some reason I didn't blog about it... anyways... I'm on the hunt for a new "RRS" show logo, one that will be used on microphone flags, websites, backdrops, promo photos, mugs, and much more. The current logo is cool, but with the various new methods of branding, I want to be sure this is a logo that I'll stick with for a hot minute. So, any ideas, suggestions, or sketches... drop me a line here. But I'd hurry, as I've already gathered a handful of designers who have until Wednesday at midnight to deliver something to my inbox.

Lady GaGa's 'Telephone' Meets 'The Office'

What more can you say about this video besides well done? Loved that GaGa tweeted it out to her followers as well, that certainly legitimizes the piece.

TMZ'S NICKI FERTILE: J-Lo or Shania To Judge 'Idol'

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TMZ's Nicki Ferilte explains that Shania Twain is the plan B for "American Idol" if Jennifer Lopez falls through as a third judge.

Catch Nicki on TMZ TV, local listings here.


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Awkwardness on 'Today Show'

Things get awkward in a hurry on NBC's "The Today Show" when Hoda and Kathie Lee ask an author of a love-stimulating food book about her co-author, who is involved in a murder plot and about to accept a plea deal!

How about that life raft that Kathie Lee threw the poor woman? Geez.


EXCLUSIVE: Switchfoot Divulges Details on 2011 Album

Switchfoot lead singer Jon Foreman knows that the band’s next album, Vice Verses, will be released in 2011. That’s about all Foreman knows about the next album.

“We’ve got like, 20 songs… well, 40 songs, 20 that we’ve cut it down to (with a) bunch of songs left over from the last session,” he revealed, referring to the tracks that didn’t make Hello Hurricane. “It’s a matter of trying to figure out whether it should be a double record or what it looks like.”

The boys from San Diego are currently touring in support of The Goo Goo Dolls and Hurricane. Foreman admitted that writing and recording in bulk, followed by the task of whittling down your beloved songs to the best of the best, is difficult.
Download the interview

The guys, currently on tour with The Goo Goo Dolls, also chatted about playing the U.S. Open of Surfing recently back in their home state of California.

“(Hello Hurricane) was the hardest record we’ve ever made,” said the front man. “It was pretty near-impossible to cut. The idea that you record this song that means a lot to you, and you know that there’s 60 of those songs that no one is ever going to hear.”

Foreman insists Switchfoot will implement a more selective and proactive approach to writing, recording, and choosing material for Vice Verses. Although at least he and the band know this much is selected: the title and its title track are already chosen.

“In the song ‘Vice Verses’, there’s a line that intimates the idea that every blessing is a curse,” Foreman said, referencing the band’s independent record label, studio ownership, and distribution deal with a major label. “So the curse of having your own studio and free time is recording all these songs that you believe in.”

And if Foreman knows anything else, it’s that this curse of his is a blessing.