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i am in favor for super bowl monday.

don't get me wrong, i didn't party too hard last night. i've drank and eaten much more during and after yankees victories (11 days til pitchers and catchers report!). still, it's the super bowl. and for the first time in three years, i didn't have to work through it.

why wouldn't i take full advantage of this situation?

marino and i headed inside the woodlands. besides the giants fans among us, there were the infamous buffalo bites, dj godfather's homemade (and free) pizza, and of course, dollar drinks from 7-9.

furthermore (and maybe the best part of the entire deal) - no mess to clean up afterwards.

so we cheered and jeered as the giants and patriots battled, and laughed in between at some of the commercials, all of which can be viewed here.

a few of my personal favorites can be viewed below...
Justin Timberlake's PEPSI Superbowl Commercial

Diet Pepsi Max Super Bowl Ad: Wake Up People Ginseng & Caffeine

Doritos Super Bowl Commercial: Giant Mouse Trap

Gatorade G2 Super Bowl Commercial: Derek Jeter

for the most part, this year's super bowl commercials were entertaining.

although, for everyone sitting in the streamside, we only needed to see this to make our nights...

and with that, a great start to new england's sports year. now, on to the point of this post.

go here, and sign the petition. who wouldn't be in favor of a national holiday the day after the super bowl?

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