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been a minute...

so i took yesterday (monday) off. i drove back early sunday morning to niagara falls, after our first saturday night inside colosseum night club (which btw, went amazing).

i spent easter with my dad. we ate at fortuna's, an amazing italian restaurant in the falls. after digesting, we followed dinner up with a few drinks at wine bar on third.

monday was spent with my girlfriend. we drove to rochester, where i appeared in court for a speeding ticket. i pled guilty to a lesser charge, although personally, i thought i had a chance to be let off all together. still, i caught a break.

after driving back down i-90, ang and i grabbed burgers at shorty's, a new sports bar in niagara falls that is owned by a good friend of mine. coincidentally, it's also the same location where governor eliot spitzer made the last infamous call to the emporer's v.i.p. club as "client 9."

only in the falls.

nice to spend a couple days back in the birthplace, although i won't front, i wish i could've stayed longer. not that i miss western new york that much, or hate nepa, but i won't have a chance to return home until july. not complaining, just sayin'.

back on the grind here tonight... i'm giving away the ultimate lifehouse fan package. pair of tickets, meet and greet passes, and a signed guitar. that'll be on the docket for just past 9.

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