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five reasons to call in sick...

according to fox news...

"1. If you have a fever of any kind especially over 100.6 — this is generally cause for concern.
2. If you're coughing a lot and producing phlegm with the cough. Also, pay attention to the color of the phlegm. If it's dark yellow, green or brown — it could be signs of a bronchial or lung infection.
3. If you're suffering from achy joints and you have the chills.
4. If you have a fever and settings of a rash. This often signals a very highly contagious infection such a chickenpox.
5. Any signs of infection after a recent trip outside the country should also warrant a trip to the doctor."

furthermore, the article states that working through a sickness can actually be counterproductive, and cost your company more in the long run.

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