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holy new york city.

blogging again from a starbucks, where i paid a stupid amount of money for a mere hour on the internet.

it's like deja vu. only this time, i'm not chasing britney spears.

i'm also in a different s'bucks. this one is located inside penn station, where i await my 3:19a train back to bayside, ny. after a quick nap, it'll be up and off to yankee stadium, where twelve of my friends from the birthplace and i are attending the final home opener in the house that ruth built.

everytime i travel to nyc, i fall deeper in love with it. 'cause mcdonalds across from madison square garden offers "fast delivery"? probably not. the fact that wireless internet is readily available? please, i can walk to public square for that.

it's more a culture-thing. you can list pros and cons of tangibles in any location across the world, and through that fall in love.

but true love can't be found this way, nor can true success. which is why i truly believe, despite its many imperfections, that nyc and i were made for each other. i love to walk at a fast pace. heck, i like almost all tasks at rapid pace.

then there's that new yorker attitude, which many loathe, yet i revel in. thing of it is, i really don't have an attitude per say that would lead one to believe that i support such a way of life.

at the end of the day, the issue is based on perspective. outsiders think its founded in pretentiousness. i simply view it as a no-nonsense, cut-to-the-chase way of life. those who know me certainly concur that i promote this.

whether they agree with it or not, well that is a different conversation. at the end of the day, they know the new yorker in me will march to the beat of his own drum, regardless.

and i can't say i'd want it any other way.

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