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welcome to the new year!

i feel like i've been on vacation all of december.

for me this is a lot of time off in one short period - i took my actual vacation from the 20-26, worked the 27 and 28, off the 29, worked the 30, and siesta'd these last two days.

not complaining at all though. the rest came at a great time, after an assiduous year. i finished up classes at syracuse university, called four different locations in three different cities "home," - made multiple appearances on national tv, and landed my first full-time gig (or atleast, full-time gig that paid full-time money).

nonetheless, it's great to be back, and welcome to 2008.

new years eve saw me travel through four states in less than 12 hours. the photographic and first-hand account is on the way...


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