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not too much going on...

it ended up being a convienient day to stroll in a little tardy to the bht world headquarters, as there isn't too much going on - period. after throwing in a 15-hour haul yesterday, working on a top-secret project that we hope to announce later in the week, i decided to simply take it easy and catch a little shut eye before tonight's show.

but what really happened? for starters, no sheep were counted. i ended up with a nap at best. i didn't mind too much, because my sleep schedule spoils me these days compared to my ruckus college schedule. also - there's excellent morning tv. i flip between the today show, morning joe, and mike & mike. as if my attention span wasn't tested enough, i also called the gf, keeping her company while en route to her job.

later in the day i finally mustered up strength to jog throughout downtown wilkes-barre. there certainly was no lack of motivation - besides my usual reasons of staying slim and healthy, weather.com informed me that we were approaching a new high today. at the time of my jog, downtown clocked in at a balmy 65 degrees.

for once - my four mile run was uneventful. whenever i sprint through public square and over the market street bridge, i encounter atleast one heckler. "NICE SHORTS!" "WOOOOOOO!" and of course, who can forget the original, "RUN FOREST RUN!"

it doesn't bother me. when you work in entertainment, you develop relatively tough skin (despite everyone commenting on my soft hands). still, it doesn't go unnoticed or unnoted.

but you really couldn't ask for a better january 8... no hecklers, no snow, and i still have a job.

not that i'm in jeopardy of losing it - but hey, it's the entertainment business right?

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