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jaime lynn madness.

from msnbc to tmz, seems as if jaime lynn spears has finally stepped out of the shadow of her older sister. of course, the 16 year-old had to get knocked up to accomplish such a feat - but hey, gotta play to win!

anyways, here's the latest... yes, brit knows, and she's not happy that she wasn't in the loop... ok! magazine will not pay jaime lynn for the cover story - but the magazine will pay her $1 million for the first baby photos... as if the popwreck known as unfitney wasn't a big enough reason, mother lynne finally scrapped her plans to write a parenting advise book... mr. spears isn't happy about any of this... the 19 year-old father's grandparents are thrilled.


btw - not sure why i finally watched this on tmz, but even if you beat me to the punch, freakin' punch again, HILARIOUS.

NOTE: if the video doesn't work, watch it here.

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