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randomness from the panera.


i feel like it's been too long since i've had a post that really didn't serve a single purpose - but instead kind of touched a number of different thoughts. now that i'm nessled into a comfy panera booth, let me welcome you inside my deep, inner thoughts...

- this really isn't that much snow. how come at noon i couldn't drive half of the speed limit ANYWHERE? 81, 309, 115, wilkes-barre blvd... killin' me smalls!

- in case you're wondering what my current panera office configuration is... half greek salad, bowl of low-fat chicken noodle, bottle of water - and of course the lapteeze and blackbleeze!

- of course i'd be remiss if i didn't mention the new bht lineup - with kidd kraddick from 5a-10a, marino til 3 while you work, a.j. in the afternoon til 7, and myself til midnight. how pimp right?

- once again big thanks to everyone who came out to see drake bell last weekend. more of your photos will be posted soon here.

- NO - THE JONAS BROTHERS ARE NOT COMING TO THE MALL AT STEAMTOWN. gotta love wishful thinking high schoolers who start rumors with my name on them.

i'm going to return to my regularly scheduled browsing and grubbing. more updates on the way...


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