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the title does not describe this year's mtv video music awards, which shy of the opening act, was innovative and refreshing to say the least.

britney spears, however, is a disaster. the performance is below, comment as you wish.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

bottom line, the bitch looked crazy.... i'm not gonna lie i just like everyone else wanted to see what she was gonna do last night but she looked like a fucking hippopotamus moving around. it was the worst awards show performance i have EVER seen. she looked fat and disgusting, and i can't believe she would even attempt what she did. if she didn't want people to talk about her before, oh she's REALLY gonna get it now...

as for the rest of the 2007 mtv video music awards.... i really watch every year just hoping it gets better, even though it has been consistently getting worse... and this year was fucking YET ANOTHER DOWNGRADE. it looked shitty in every respect- there wasn't even a fucking podium! i don't know who the fuck came up with the idea for the stupid suite parties- but they should be shot and i should be the one to pull it. the only good parts were 1) kanye performing "good life" with t-pain even though he shoulda done it on the main stage which should have been WAY FUCKING BIGGER, 2) rihanna with fall out boy "shut up and drive" which again should been on the non-existent main stage, 3) chris brown's whole set, which was fucking amazing, and 4) justin and "lovestoned" who even though he gave rightful props to chris, still held his own. other than that, the VMAs were about as attractive as britney spears' hairless vagina. sarah was funny, but nothing else about the VMAs was. on the contrary, it was REALLY quite sad.