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monday shmunday.

no, the title isn't a new breakfast sandwich at sheetz, although my schmagel this morning was deelish. just feels like a really lazy monday here in the nepa.

i went to bed a little after 6 am this morning, and woke up before 4 pm. weird doesn't even begin to explain my internal clock and sleeping patterns. but despite the amount of sleep i received, i still feel a little groggy at 6:52. a lack of caffeine could be the issue, and i'll fix that during my first hour of the show with a trip to the coffee machine outside the studio.

of course, many believe monday is simply an extension of the weekend. the past couple days have been spent eating in, drinking out, and napping throughout the day. the gf came to wilkes barre to visit - and after the week each of us had - we decided to just take it easy and enjoy the finer things in life... rest, light beer, red robin burgers, januzzi's pizza, and a mix of boston college, yankees, and bills games on the television.

speaking of which - how amazing was this last night?

what? you missed it because you wanted to see ryan seacrest host the emmy's? boo.

and speaking of the emmy's, how funny was this?

anywho, lots of fun stuff to give away on tonight's show. off i go, with more updates to come throughout the night.

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