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been a minute.

hey hey.

i know, it's been a while. i usually don't blog friday-sunday, and with monday being a holiday, and tuesday being catch-up day (and wednesday being catch-up from tuesday day)...

yeah, you get the idea.

last night on the show i talked about whoopi goldberg making waves on her first official show as new co-host of the view. right off the bat - whoopi causes a stir by "defending" michael vick. i'll use quotations because she didn't necessarily say, "i defend michael vick." she simply said dogfighting in the south is a cultural thing that people can't understand.

but peta responded in an appropriate fashion today, saying that whoopi needs to understand the cruelty behind the "sport," and that isn't a culture-thing, it's a cruelty-thing.


whoopi did a little two-step on today's show, clarifying yesterday's remarks. but the damage has been done.

tomorrow on the show - r. kelly's trial, postponed, again! michael hundgen from tmz gives us the reasons and the latest.
oh thanks for asking about my labor day weekend! it was superb. i cannot remember the last time i had a chance to do nothing but eat hot dogs, drink beer, watch baseball, and lay around all day - on a holiday or for that matter any other day. spent it with the gf... pictures to come later.
along with much more.

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