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vinny chase in the buildin'!

in case you didn't know, entourage is my favorite show on tv. big fan of the ari - but really i like every character (except dom from season three - he sucked).

so whenever a cast member makes headlines - whether it be the times or tmz, expect it here. exhibit a - adrian grenier, probably more familiar to you as vinny chase, or aquaman.

grenier partied in hollywood last night and then bought a dozen roses from one of those annoying ladies who goes around trying to sell flowers late at night. he then did the charitable thing by telling her to sell the flowers he just bought to make even more money. gotta love the vinny chase.

but afterward, adrian did the very un-chase-like thing of pestering the paparazzi for pestering him.

sorry, he does have a point though.

click the picture below to see it go down. thanks again tmz.

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