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the deaf kid tries to become america's idol.

geoff herbert, known to thousands in syracuse, ny by his alias of "deaf geoff" - is already an idol to many who suffer from disabilities.

herbert was born with a hearing disorder that left him legally deaf in both ears. however through lip reading and hearing aids - you almost never have to double-speak when talking to him.

but his abilities do not end there. herbert has defied all odds in his profession of choice - professional radio disc jockey.

the syracuse university graduate also mixes at clubs and parties on the weekends. but this past weekend, herbert drove from syracuse to philadelphia in hopes of a more national spotlight - american idol.

(photo credit: deafgeoff's myspace page)

over 17,000 people showed up at the wachovia center for yesterday's tryout, setting a show record. click here to listen to the perspective of an idol-wannabe who's hearing-impaired.

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